Why Can’t We Get Anything Done?

“It’s the Alt-right’s fault!”

“It’s the SJWs fault!”

“It’s the majority of people who choose to do nothing’s fault!”

“It’s the radicals fault!”

“It’s the people in Washington’s fault!”

Well… actually, you’re all right.


Yeah, surprised to hear me say it? I like to bash on Social Justice Warriors an awful lot, and believe me, I get more and more material daily. However they are not the only issue here.

Then what is the issue here, Jim?

Well… that’s where things get more complicated. Remember when I posted this little doozy:


Well consider it like this… the majority of the people are in the purple rage. The fringers are green and orange… While the rest of us outweigh these small radicals ten-fold, overly, we are silent, or not enough of us speak up to make a difference. The two minorities are the most vocal in their opinion and as such, usually get the most attention, leading everyone to believe that their views are shared by everyone on the opposite side of the line, regardless of accuracy.

So while the moderate citizen may vastly outnumber the fringers, I think Brigitte Gabriel said it best:

“The peaceful majority were irrelevant.”

Well I’d like to modify that a little and say that the ‘SILENT MAJORITY’ are irrelevant, for the same reasons.

Unfortunately, this unwillingness to step up to the plate and reclaim control of what’s going on with our elected officials has led to more and more extremes, and with those extremes comes an unwillingness to listen or reach across the aisle.

What do I mean by this exactly?

Well let’s take a look at a few glaring examples…

First and foremost, Gun Control.

“Children are being shot in schools, people are dying on the streets, there are more guns than people… so we need to enact ‘common sense’ legislation to keep guns out of the hands of evil/mentally unstable people.”

Makes perfect, logical, sense right? Who could possibly disagree with that statement?

The answer is of course, no one… No one, until you get into the gritty details of the ‘how.’

Well you’ve got one side on the extreme that floods stories about government overreach cases, which do happen, though hopefully not as often as they say, they flood airwaves with doomsday speeches and totalitarian fears, and say if you give away one right, they’ll come for all of them…

Not helping matters… the other side is lead by people who say things like…

… Everyone last one… Mr. and Mrs. America turn em in… ladies and Gentlemen, Diane Feinstein, the poster child for term limits in Congress.

As well as people like Leland Yee… yeah, the jackass who then got busted on gun trafficking,  suddenly, the narrative of the NRA and their extremes doesn’t sound so unrealistic.

Then you’ve got people President Obama, who during his time office, said he wanted to, and eventually did have an open discussion about gun violence in the U.S.

He and I apparently have a different opinion about what an ‘open discussion’ means, because said discussion took place behind closed doors with groups like Everytown,  Michael Bloomberg, and the Giffords. Little to no pro-gun people were invited. That’s not an open discussion, that’s a mob sit down to determine the next plan of action.

So as you can guess, nothing came of it.

Then you’ve got the people who say that everyone should register their firearms with the state… until something unbelievably unethical like THIS happens…

Following that, the Newspaper became a target for threats and harassment… which solves nothing. What they did was legal… unethical and amoral, but still legal. Whatever side you find yourself on in that, death threats and harassment are not the answer.

The problem is, both sides have great ideas! Focus on mental health and education, focus on poverty in the cities, nation-wide reciprocal gun laws, reasonable background checks, etc.

Sadly those get lost under bans, gun owner insurance, registry, confiscations, buybacks, second amendment talk, open carry, etc. and the argument gets us nowhere.

In short, nothings been done… nothing will be done…

Now let’s look at another example:

The War on Drugs

Again, common sense? Who wants drugs readily available to our children? Who wants junkies going berserk on the streets and killing someone?

Well… you’ve got one side that says it’s already happening thus the war on drugs is a failure. They want drugs legalized and perhaps create safe-spaces like in some European countries where people can use narcotics. They accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being behind the times, unwilling to talk about it, etc. Almost like a bar scene or something like that where there will be staff that can monitor people safely. Bring them all in and the crime that surrounds drugs will end.

… in other words, make it legal and crime won’t happen anymore. Cure the disease by killing the patient.

Meanwhile the other side breaks out their Bibles, yells ‘think of the children,’ runs indoctrinating videos of drugs in classrooms and doesn’t really address the major issues as to why people use, the circumstances or anything. They then simply try to get as much banned as possible. They resort to calling those who disagree with them as stoners, junkies, etc…

Bans across the board have worked out so well in the past… haven’t they? They always solve the issue.


Let’s go with one more… because I’m a masochist who likes torturing himself.


You’re a brave man Jim.

I know… So first let’s start out with the pro-people. They believe that women have a right to choose what they do with their own bodies and no government should dictate otherwise. They believe that scientifically speaking, as long as a fetus can’t live on its own, it is not a living being, thus aborting it doesn’t fall on any unethical grounds that we should be concerned about. They also say that abortion is necessary because there are situations such as rape, incest, and the medical needs of the mother where things like this will need to be performed.

And honestly… most of those are fair arguments.

However the argument that a woman should have the right to choose what they do with their own bodies runs cold when the majority of the pro-choice crowd out there suddenly either go silent or actually champion when a girl has that right taken away for something other than abortion. 

“She was physically apprehended by government agents and forced through chemotherapy. According to her family, she got into a physical altercation defending herself from doctors, until she was eventually subdued and strapped down to a table.”

In later interviews, she is said to have been emotionally scarred by the experience… that’s rape. Maybe not sexual, but the same sort of bodily violation. As far as I’m concerned, it falls into the same category, and the silence from the pro-choice crowd was deafening.

But I’m getting off-topic. The other problem with this argument is that we don’t really know when life begins. Science isn’t perfect as we don’t know all that is ‘know-able’ yet. We’re not there. We don’t have a definition for conscience and feeling.

Then you have the pro-life side. They quote scripture from the Bible saying that it’s murder. They give examples of partial-birth abortions where babies are killed almost at the moment of birth… in other words, viable. They also make the argument that a fetus is a symbiotic life form. That just because it can’t survive on its own, doesn’t make it any less life. It’s murder, period.

Again, fair points… but again those points ring hollow when you bomb clinics, possibly killing people in the name of… saving lives? And don’t give me that greater good nonsense.

Finally, yes religion for the most part has rules regarding death and murder, but few actually say anything in the base scripture about abortion or about when actual life begins. They’re also morally ambiguous about ending one life to save another. Simply put, there is room for gray area.

Again, both sides think they’re in the right, and neither side is willing to listen. Instead hyperbole takes over and childish name-calling such as baby-killer, and Bible-Thumper goes out.

Now as with most issues, where does the majority sit? Well to be honest, the majority is capable of seeing both sides because the majority is in the moderate areas or slightly leaning to one side. They could reach across the aisle.

Sadly one of a few things usually happens:

They are shot down by the radicals on their own side.

They become disenfranchised because they see their voices making no difference.

They feel like they’re a minority when more extreme voices are louder than there.

They buy into the dribble being spewed by the extremes and remain quiet.

They become fearful for their reputation or livelihood due to the actions of the other side. (And rightly so in many cases)


And this is why nothing ever gets accomplished. The extremes from both sides aren’t going to change, they’re extreme for a reason. They’ve long since been indoctrinated and it is highly unlikely that their minds will be changed. Meanwhile the peaceful… silent majority remains irrelevant because they don’t speak up and the media continuously puts a microphone in front of the extremists, trying to scare the moderates into their agenda and their extreme.

Well Jim… what do we do about it? 

Right now, the best thing we can do is keep doing what we’re doing in some cases:

-Vote for populist candidates. I know… I know… Trump was a populist candidate, maybe not the best example, but so was Bernie. Being a populist means that you care more about the everyday people in society than the social elite minority. That’s what we need.

-Weaken the mainstream media as much as possible by seeking out the alt-media, such as youtube media outlets that don’t answer to large corporations.

-Don’t worry about the extremists. Stand up, speak out, make your voice known… and if the extremists have a problem with it, weather their criticism. Eventually they’ll put their feet in their mouths by saying something genocidal, non-PC, or outright bigoted, and that will loom over their heads forever. It ALWAYS happens, always.

-Finally, get people out to vote. If we can get up to 80% or more voting, we’ll be in good shape. A government that fears its constituents is a functioning one. A government that is feared by its constituents is totalitarian.

That, people is why nothing gets done… and this is the only way we’re ever going to change it.


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