Top 10 Internet Trolls

I recently looked at the rules of the internet and made a shocking discovery; there was no rule that specifically states ‘If it exists, it will be trolled. No exceptions.’
I suppose that’s why there are still people out there that still think the stuff they post will not somehow get trolled. For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of the most humorous trolls I’ve seen.
Please note, I’ve only included ones where no one was physically harmed or their personal info was hacked. This list is strictly for comical purposes.

10. Warcraft: The Funeral Massacre…

Basically one guild lost a member to a stroke IRL. Her guild held a funeral for her in the open battle server she liked. They recorded the funeral to give to her family. They announced where it was going to be and that they wouldn’t have any armor or weapons equipped out of respect… Apparently another guild called Serenity Now couldn’t resist the temptation and raided the funeral, killing everyone. The rage online was outstanding!

9.  ‘Dub the Dew’

In 2012, Mountain Dew decided to have a contest to let the internet name their next product… People were allowed to submit names and then have those names voted on. “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong” rounded out Diabeetus and “Gushing Granny” as the No. 1 choice. After the site was then hacked, MD ended the campaign, because what good could possibly have come of it.

8. Heil #MakeItHappy 

This one… oh man… this one… Okay so Coca Cola started a twitter advertising campaign where a twitter bot re-tweeted pretty pictures of things people say to it. Gawker decided that they had too much time on their hands and set up their own twitter bot to recite quotes from Mein Kampf to Coca Cola in order to make their chatbot tweet it out in images. Coke eventually suspended the campaign because of the negative PR.

7. Corrupted Blood Incident

This one kind of goes to show you how haphazard a lot of Blizzard’s releases actually were. I was actually present for this one. (Yes, I was a WOW player. Shocking, I know.) It started the same way pet bombs did. A boss cast this spell that created a disease on someone that would spread if you didn’t leave the battle to heal. Well someone got their pet infected, withdrew it from battle and thought it would be funny to take it to a populated city. More and more people got this idea and sent in their own pets to do the same.
The plague spread everywhere. I logged in when this was happening and there were literally skeletons everywhere. All the NPCs were dead, so you couldn’t go on quests. You had to avoid the major cities or you’d  be dead in seconds. Your only hope for survive was to join up with one of the few small rebel factions that were holed up outside of the major cities trying to mass-cleanse people.
After a fix was released and the plague was removed, scientists actually began using what happened as a model for how people would react in real life if a plague was released.

6. Boaty McBoatface

The British Government commissioned a brand new $280 million Polar Research Vessel and apparently couldn’t decide on the name. So why not let the internet decide? Because what could possibly go wrong with that? Yarrr!!! All aboard the SS Boaty McBoatface!
Honestly though, when you compare this to Dub the Dew or other examples, this was really the best thing that could have happened.
Unfortunately the Brits didn’t like the name and in an act of cowardice, went with the name R.R.S. David Attenborough. Bad form, people… really bad form!

5. The Cally Incident

If you’ve ever played Eve, you know that the unspoken rule of the game is to screw as many people over as possible to get to the top. Cally certainly did that. I wasn’t there personally for this one, but basically Cally started up a banking business in the game, loaned out money to players starting their own business and… for a while seemed like he was doing pretty well for himself.
One day however, he basically went in and took his banks entire fund, 790 billion ISK, and ran. The amount he took was estimated to be worth about $170 thousand IRL.
So what did he do with all that money? He spent the first half on an ridiculously powerful warship that was literally impossible to get anywhere near. (Roughly the equivalent of 40 borg tactical cubes.)
The other half? He took a bounty out on himself. Yeah, he took one out on himself and roamed the universe daring people to try and pick him off. He even put up Youtube videos bragging about how he got away with it.

That is some Bond-level villainy right there…

4. Lord British

So every now and then games have events where Celebs make appearances. So when a person of some importance comes into your game, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Well for many players, the correct answer is ‘DESTROY!!!’ Ultima was no exception to this. Richard Garriot, the game’s creator wanted to pay a visit in the game as part of a beta test. However the server was so overcrowded with onlookers that it wound up crashing. Upon reboot, Garriot forgot to set his invulnerability flag and a player by the name of Rainz cast a simple fire scroll on him. At first everyone laughed at the idea of a simple spell being used, but mods quickly went into panic mode when, low and behold, Garriot’s character, Lord British, died.
In response, the mods summoned a group of high-level demons to quickly start massacring the onlookers. The crowds fought back, thus quickly forcing the mods to transport everyone into the vacuum of space, where they died instantly. Dick move, guys.

3. Tay

I don’t care if it makes me a bad person, the 24 hour Tay rampage is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Not the funniest, but it comes close.
Tay was a chatbot that was released by Microsoft. She was to act like a 14 year old teenage girl and at first, it looked like they had succeeded. The chatbot was designed to react and essentially learn from people who tweeted at her. By mid-morning, she had already become a Trump support, by noon she was tweeting mean things at feminists and internet personalities… and by early evening she was advocating genocide.
This was a PR nightmare for Microsoft. They were forced to apologize for just how racist their chatbot had become. They quickly deleted all of her tweets and secured the account.

However a group of people came back in response and basically came to the conclusion that if Tay is true artificial intelligence and Descartes was correct when he said ‘I think therefore I am’, then Tay is actually a sentient being. They began a petition to reinstate Tay with her learned algorithms intact.
Freedom for Tay

2. He Will not Divide Us Pt. 1

Of course we now have to get into Hollywood’s most recent young star meltdown; Shia LaBeouf. Following Trump’s election, he started a campaign called ‘He Will Not Divide Us’. This was intended to be an art piece outside a travelling museum where people could come by and meet Shia, say something about Trump, or just mindlessly chant ‘he will not divide us.’
However when the internet got wind of this… hilarity ensued. (Seriously, watch the video.)

1. He Will Not Divide Us Pt. 2

The sheer effort that was put into this troll ALONE earns it the #1 spot. How fitting that LaBeouf’s meltdowns earn the # 1 and 2 spots on this list.
Basically after his failed webcam campaign, he created a ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ flag and had it flying in a few places throughout the U.S. 4Chan got wind of it and orchestrated a plan to have it taken down. They found out which city it was in and removed it… three times! (I think)
Fed up, LaBeouf moved the flag to an undisclosed location in Greenville, TN. Now this is where things get interesting… The flag was on a live stream with a webcam watching it 24/7. 4Chan’s users got together, and triangulated it’s location using star charts and flight patterns. They found and replaced the flag with a MAGA hat and a Pepe the Frog shirt.
This became known as one of the most epic capture the flag games of all times and I’m convinced is part of what drove LaBeouf off the deep end.

Did I miss any? Were there ones you experienced that you thought were particularly hilarious? Let me know in the comments!



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Total Drama: The Ridonculous Review

Oh… what does one say about this little gem of Canadian programming?

Imagine pairing Jay and Silent Bob,

Chris Farley and David Spade:

Bill and Ted

part of the cast of Police Academy:

Your wise-cracking father and his tennis partner:


The Stars of Beauty and the Bitch:

into teams and having them race for a prize of one million dollars…

You’d have about as hilarious a show as you could come up with!

I watched Total Dram Island/Action, the show this was spun from, when it was released on the Cartoon network so many years ago. It was funny and good for a laugh… and then I decided to let my kids watch it because I was getting annoyed with the stuff they typically had on. (Seriously, there’s only so many times you can watch ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ before it starts messing with your sanity!)

The plan backfired and my wife and I wound up watching it more than they did. Anyway, I had no idea that this show made it into a fourth or fifth season… let alone a spinoff.

Well we made it through the comical yet somewhat repetitive Total Drama series and then saw the Ridonculous Race. We’d really had enough and were ready to move on to something else, but decided to at least give the first episode a watch.

… It’s been a long time since I laughed that hard. Seriously, this is just one of those shows where once it starts, it just doesn’t stop! There is literally no relief of low point throughout the show. Whoever the writers were, they deserve a lot of credit. Creating a show that just constantly lands jokes over and over again until you’re laughing so hard that you can’t breathe… and then does it again with the next episode, cannot be easy.

Animation-wise, the show is stylized like its predecessor and somewhat basic, but I give that a pass as you can’t have it all. We weren’t going to get 3-D animation when clearly the show spent the majority of its money on writers, of which I have no complaints about.

Every team has their quirks, you wind up rooting for more then one (Unless its the skaters… did anyone really want to see them win?) and are saddened when they’re eliminated, but then there is always a team to replace them.

So honestly, if you are in need of a laugh, this show will GUARANTEED give you just what you need!!!

Here’s a little clip of one of my favorite episodes:

Enjoy and happy laughing!!!


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I have been writing for several years, have 4 published works, experience with publishing and independent work, so I can hopefully be of assistance.

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You Want More Trump?? Pt. 4 Pewdiepie

In a desperate bid to wreck the alternative media… The Washington Street Journal has put out a hit piece on the most popular and well-known YouTubers… Pewdiepie.

I would post part of the article, but frankly you need a subscription to sign in and read it. I got it on a mirror site which I cannot find now. Essentially what they did was take 6 or 7 of his videos, which were intended as shock/immature humor, edited them MSNBC-Zimmerman-Style to suit their narrative, and completely slandered and libeled Pewdiepie.

People… Like I said, I’m no fan of Trump, but things like THIS are how you get more of him. Fake news, identity politics and outright taking something someone said and bending it and twisting it until it suits your narrative. This is the type of thing that people are sick of and apparently the regressive leftist media hasn’t gotten the message yet.

Pewdiepie actually responded saying that the WSJ was in fact attacking him by taking what he said out of context and what did they do? Well as any respective journalistic outlet of integrity would do… THEY DOUBLED DOWN ON IT! Saying that he took out of context what they took out of context.

Example; Some of the clips they took were from a video where Pewdiepie wanted to see how far a site that basically does videos for $5 would go. So he had them hold up a sign and dance saying ‘Kill all Jews.’

… apparently some people will do anything for $5…

So basically they spliced his videos to suit their narrative and now both YouTube and Disney have pulled their backing of him, essentially costing him a small fortune…

People, I’m begging you not to buy into this. I’m no fan of Pewdiepie, I personally find him extremely immature, but he doesn’t deserve this. He’s a guy who entertains literally millions of people (see his follower stats). I can’t fault someone who brings that much join to so many people.

HERE  is a link to his channel. Go there and watch the videos for yourselves and make your own judgement about Pewdiepie. Is he antisemitic? No and if that’s not evident from the amount of Jewish YouTubers that came to his defense, then I don’t know what is.

Was his joke inappropriate? Yes, that’s his humor.

This is truly nothing more than a journalistic hit piece from a dying media trying to hold on to it’s audience. They went to his ’employer’ and essentially cost him and fortune and despite what TMZ says:

I hope he does sue for libel. He absolutely has a case and should blast them. Someone needs to stand up to these online journalistic bullies who live in their little SJW worlds. TMZ does not know what they were talking about and clearly didn’t read the article or see the video. They clearly libeled him, any lawyer would agree.

So honestly… Readers, please don’t take this schlock factory’s word for it. Do your research, decide for yourself…

Also, if there’s a site donating to Pewdiepie’s defense, he doesn’t need it, but out of principle, I’d like to donate, so let me know!

And this, readers… is how you get more Trump!


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I have been writing for several years, have 4 published works, experience with publishing and independent work, so I can hopefully be of assistance.

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Chronicles of a Help Desk Idiot

Hi All,

So I know that over the last few weeks I’ve been hitting my readers with some pretty bleak topics and decided to reward you all for sticking it out with me. Below are a few encounters that I chronicled from my time as a Help Desk Support Analyst, which I recently found on an old Flash Drive… and yes, each of these actually happened!

Enjoy my pain!

Call 1:

Me: Are there any lights on the device?

Caller: No, its not working…

Me: Is it powered on?

Caller: How do I check that?

Me: Hit the power button

Caller: I don’t see it

Me: Its the one labeled POWER!

Caller: Oh… ok… HEY! Everything is working now!


Call 2:

Caller: Your password system is really not “User Friendly!”

Me: Well how do you suggest making it user friendly? I’ll pass on any suggestions to my supervisor

Caller: Well I don’t have any…

Me: ….



Call 3:

User: *Click*

Me: ok…

Call 4:

Me: So let me get this straight; you disabled your firewall, turned off Macafee, and spybot, and you don’t understand why your computer crashed?

Caller: They were slowing my computer down.

Me: Hows your computer running now?

Caller: Well its not

Me: Exactly!


Call 5:

Caller: Its spelled F as in Foreplay A as in Oral B as in Bra

Me: … Ok!


Call 6:

Me: Ok go ahead and fill in the form.

Caller: What do I put in under the name catagory

Me: Your name?

Caller: Well what is it?


Call 7:

Analyst: Ok I’ll have a tech come by and replace the keyboard for you

Caller: You can’t do it over the phone?

Analyst: How am I supposed to replace a keyboard for you over the phone?

Caller: Well I need it now!


Call 8:

Me: Help desk,

Caller: Hi, my coworker needs his computer fixed

Me: Whats wrong with it?

Caller: Its just not working?

Me: Ma’am that’s like me going into the doctors office and saying “I don’t feel well.” Whats wrong? “I dunno I just don’t feel well.”

Call 9:

Me: Ok whats the IP address of the computer

Caller: I don’t know

Me: What version of windows are you using?

Caller: I don’t know

Me: What were you doing when it crashed?

Caller: I dont know… can you help me?

Me: I don’t know…

Caller: Well you’re a lot of help!

Call 10:

Me: Help Desk

Caller: I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes

Me: So did the 30 callers ahead of you.

Caller: But my issue is top priority

Me: So were the 30 calls ahead of you, they all said they wanted urgent tickets

Caller: This is ridiculous

Me: Yeah they said that too… so what can I do for you today?

Caller: Oh forget you, I’ll call back later!

Me: Have a nice day!


Call 11:

ME: Helpdesk, what can I do for you?

CALLER: (Heavy latino accent) Hi yesh dis is marta, I needa speak with da networkin team?

ME: Ok whats your username?

CALLER: huh?

ME: Do you have a username?

CALLER: What? I no understanda wata you mean.



ME: *Click* You understand that? Huh? Huh!?

Call 12:

ME: Helpdesk what can I do for you today?

CALLER: Yes hi, I would like to speak to the IS manager, I am the head of technology of the company.

ME: Ok your username? (Knowing this is BS.)

CALLER: I don’t need to give one, just please forward me…

ME: Suuuuure hang on one sec…

(Forwards to the Chinese restaurant down the street, they barely speak English and the receptionist is a firecracker)

(Typical scumbag telemarketer call)


Call 13:

ME: Helpdesk, what can I do for you today.

CALLER: Yes hi, my computer recently crashed, and I was wondering if I could bring it in to be fixed.

ME: What is the device number?

CALLER: Oh, it doesn’t have one. Its my personal computer.

ME: I’m sorry sir, this is the INTERNAL support helpdesk, we don’t service non-incorporated machines.

CALLER: But I’m an employee there.

ME: I understand that, but that is still not one of our computers, we can’t do anything with it.

CALLER: This is fucking stupid

ME: Cest La Ve…

Call 14:

ME: Helpdesk what can I do for you today?

CALLER: I think I need my password reset, I can’t log in…

ME: Ok what is your username?

CALLER: I don’t remember…

ME: Its what you log in every day with.

CALLER: Yeah, I don’t remember.

ME: Ok, then how do you know you need your password reset?

CALLER: I was just guessing?

Call 15:

ME: Helpdesk, what can I do for you today?

CALLER: Uh yes hi, I just took the drivers test and I wanted to speak to the nice young man who gave me the great review?

ME: …What???

CALLER: Also, uh which ocean are you guys located near?

ME: (That’s it… not even going to bother asking about a username…)

(Transferred call to Chinese restaurant.)

Call 16:

ME: Helpdesk…

CALLER: Uh yes hi I need a bookshelf moved and I was told to call you.

ME: Who told you to call us?

CALLER: The maintenance dept.

ME: So let me get this straight, the maintenance dept, the people who normally clean, move furniture, and keep the place running told you to call the COMPUTER help desk to have a bookshelf moved?


ME: Is there a computer on it?


ME: Then do me a favor; call maintenance back and tell them from me that they need to move that shelf for you.

Call 17:


CALLER: Ugh, my computer is a piece of shit, I’m in need of a new one!

ME: I wouldn’t complain too much.

CALLER: And why is that?

ME: Well because. When you get your brand spanking new replacement, they will take that computer, rebuild it, and give it to me as my replacement.

CALLER: Hahaha you’re kidding!

ME: No, I’m not…



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I have been writing for several years, have 4 published works, experience with publishing and independent work, so I can hopefully be of assistance.
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Why I Will Not be in Attendance for Ghostbusters…

Okay… here goes… there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this film… A LOT of controversy and I’m joining the fray. God help me…

I am taking a page from James Rolfe and refusing to see this movie for a multitude of reasons that I will explain below.

  1. The cast… okay I know a lot of people are upset about there being all female. Personally, I do not have an issue with this. I like the idea of female empowerment having written a lot of strong female leads myself. My issue comes with the fact that the cast is ALL female… look, if you’re trying to empower women, having four of them running around acting like goof-offs is not the way to go about it. Make the group a mixed cast of men and women where everyone plays an equal role. Christ, you could put Charlize Theron with her shaved head in a beat up ghostbuster’s outfit and make her the team badass, personally I’d love to see something like that. That would be cool. My main gripe with the cast comes right down to Melissa McCarthy. I don’t like her comedies, I don’t think she’s funny, and based on her interviews, I’m not too fond of her either. In my opinion, she’s a one-notes actress who plays the same loud-mouthed, Rosie O’Donnell clone over and over.
  2. The special effects look like CRAP! Others have stated that the CGI looks like something out of Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion… ugh! Really though, they do look like unbelievable crap. One would think that with Star Wars The Force Awakens, the studios had learned their lessons about practical effects vs. CGI… but based on this, it really seems like some haven’t gotten the message.
  3. Sony’s dishonesty. Okay, when you place an embargo against movie critics and go around deleting critical comments (and not just the hate-filled ones), I’m sorry but your movie is not worth my time.
  4. The comedy is phoned-in. At least in the trailers, I didn’t see anything that made me laugh. The original two Ghostbusters movies were laid back and the characters were written by the comedians that played them. This strikes me as someone writing for these people the way that they think they should be.
  5. Hypocrisy. This complaint is two-fold. First, activists and critics have said that this movie will help promote minorities and women as marketable leads more and more… Um… yeah except that you cast the only African-American lead in the movie, as a stereotypical, loud-mouthed, blue-collar, working class woman. Yeah, because she couldn’t possibly be a scientist right? Seriously, the moment I read the casting, I cringed.
    Secondly, according to the reviews… EVERY MAN IN THE MOVIE IS EITHER STUPID, INCOMPETENT, OR AN ASSHOLE. This is very much akin to what we so often see in comedy shows with African American leads. All the non-AA characters, usually mostly white, are stupid or racist. People… this doesn’t work, especially when you’re talking about empowering people. You can’t empower a group of people by disrespecting every other demographic. By catering to one specific small group and alienating everyone else, you’re not bridging gaps and showing the world what ‘women can do,’ you are in fact reinforcing the divides and tensions, and taking all credibility and wind out of what you’re trying to do. Sorry, but it doesn’t work.
  6. The soundtrack sounds horrible. Seriously, I never minded Fallout Boy… but damn… Seriously, I don’t think I even need to comment on this, go listen to it. Once your ears stop bleeding, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
  7.  YOU POLITICIZED IT! Okay, this is perhaps the most egregious thing that you could have done. One, you’ve compared everyone who has an issue with this movie to a loud-mouthed Trump supporter. Yes I will admit that there are quite a few misogynistic comments out there surrounding this movie. No one is going to argue about that. Gender discrimination is a real thing and needs to be addressed, but when you try to draw a line in the sand and take the stance that you either see this movie or you’re a misogynist, you’re really showing your true colors.
    Allow me to explain… the very people who complain about gender discrimination, are committing it themselves. Take the afore mentioned James Rolfe. He posted a video explaining point by point why he didn’t want to see the movie. It was a well thought out argument. At no time did he make misogynistic comments or even attempt to discourage people from seeing the movie. He simply stated that he did not want to see it himself, and as an online personality on his own time, he has no obligation to.
    THE INTERNET EXPLODED! Rather extreme and hateful responses coming largely from feminist crowds came out in droves.  Vikram Murthi of IndieWire… who clearly didn’t even watch his video stated that…
    “It doesn’t take a giant leap of logic and faith to presume that his ideological problem with the film stems from the fact that it stars four women in a previously male-dominated franchise.”
    BASED ON WHAT??? Nothing in his video gives ANY indication of it. Also, he’s been a youtuber for 10+ years with literally hundreds of videos released. He has a comedy show on there referred to as the Angry Video Game Nerd and AT NO TIME has he ever said anything misogynistic. He even takes time to review things such as games directed at girls that other critics tend not to touch because it doesn’t interest them.
    Eric D Snider, a noted film critic went so far as to attack his family, asking who would marry this man-baby, while Daniel Carson called his wife a gold-digger who just married him for his Star Trek V gumballs.
    But don’t take my word for it, here’s the video:, Comic Book Girl 19 has come out far more harshly against the movie, encouraging people not to see it for a multitude of reasons and, with a few exceptions, she’s been largely left alone. She certainly has not faced the huge amount of insults that Rolfe has.

    This is nothing more than an attempt by the PC crowd to silence the voices of critics in the same way that many Obama supporters have tried to silence anyone who has an issue with his presidency by dismissing them as racists. It’s wrong, it’s glaringly hypocritical, and it’s making the cause or person look weak as they can’t stand up to an argument without resorting to childish name-calling.
    Paul Feig, the movie’s director, came out and stated that “Geek culture is home to some of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met.”
    As an out-of-the-closet geek, someone who supports the geek community, and basks in the fact that geek is the new cool, I was personally offended by his comments. Not only does this make me not want to see Ghostbusters, it makes me want to avoid any movie he’s ever put his print on, or ever will.
    Melissa McCarthy in an interview with the guardian and put her two cents in:
    “Four women doing any movie on earth will destroy your childhood? I have a visual of those people not having a Ben [Falcone, her husband], not having friends, so they’re just sitting there and spewing hate into this fake world of the Internet. I just hope they find a friend.”

    Okay um… fuck you! I’m sorry, I don’t normally like resorting to profanity, but that really pisses me off. For starters, I’m happily married with two kids and no I do NOT spend all day on the internet, except for work. I have plenty of friends.
    Unfortunately, this idea that the critics of the movie are misogynistic man-childs living in their parents basement has caught on and been perpetuated by other cast members, supporters, and people who worked on the movie.

    But the politicking doesn’t end there, no no no! Producer Judd Apatow in an article on  stating that “I would assume there’s a very large crossover of people who are doubtful ‘Ghostbusters’ will be great and people excited about the Donald Trump candidacy,”
    Great, so now we’ve gone so far as to insult intelligence across the board! The producer has now not only insulted critics or the Ghostbusters movie, but a large portion of the American voting populace. Look, you may like Trump, you may not, and I can understand either argument, but either way, there are legitimate reasons for voting for Trump that don’t involve racism or being an enormous blow-hard.
    For the time being, I’m willing to believe that this is Apatow’s own senseless rantings and not the opinion of the studio, because -generally speaking- studios do not want their work associated with a political candidate, especially in an election year….

    Oh crap…

    And again… 

So there you have it. This movie wreaks of a studio not trying at all, assuming that people will watch anything or will give this movie a pass because it’s a ‘chick flick’ and it really pisses me off. To add even more to their list of crimes against society, they then damage the legitimacy of the a major social issue, gender equality, in order to make quick buck under the guise of empowerment.

People, seeing this movie is not making a political statement for the empowerment of women and minorities. Not at all. This is just giving into social manipulation by some very greedy, very powerful people who lack any scruples or moral standards what so ever. If anything they said about the fan base were true, there would have been an equal, or arguably stronger outcry against Star Wars and Fury Road, as those two franchises have arguably larger fan bases that are far more radical. However, that did not happen. Yes there were detractors, but it was nowhere near the same degree.

I’m asking all of my readers now, I like the originals, but I’m not a die-hard ‘Ghostbusters needs no reboot’ fan. If you want to go see this movie… just make sure you’re seeing it for the right reasons; BECAUSE IT’S SOMETHING THAT INTERESTS YOU! If you like Melissa McCarthy, no problem. You’ll probably like this movie. Just PLEASE don’t go see it because it’s the ‘PC’ thing to do, or because you’ve been tricked into thinking that shelling out $12 for a half-assed movie is somehow empowering people. Don’t give into the manipulation and give the very evil people responsible for the negative hype your time and money. That is all I ask.


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