Lucifer: Best Show in a Long Time

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Oh no! Does this mean that you won’t be giving out writing advice?

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Hopefully not…

Okay, on topic. Today I want to talk about a show that really caught my eye. I heard Lucifer was being turned into a TV show after being a comic. Initially I rolled my eyes. In context, this was coming out while Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, among other stinkers were at their height.

As time went on and I heard the premise of this show, I started to become more and more intrigued. Sure I’d recently become a fan of the Flash… even though it was slowly losing my interest by the end of Season 2, and DC Legends of Tomorrow… which I have to admit, has the most effort I’ve seen put into a show in a very long time. So my optimism was beginning to grow.

Then I see the first images… Oh God… this looks almost NOTHING like the comic…

Finally, the first episode came out and my wife and I watched. The Episode opened with a rather charming brit being pulled over by a police officer.


This care-free individual talks his way out of a ticket by bribing the officer and getting the officer to reveal his own naughty behavior… by virtue of his own version of a penitence stare…

imag0014(Tell me honestly, which would you be more likely to reveal your deepest darkest secrets to?)

Following that, Lucifer watches a girl he struck a deal with get blown away and… out of sheer boredom, becomes a consultant for the LAPD where she meets a former actress turned officer, Chloe Decker. Chloe seems more annoyed by Lucifer than anything, but he eventually wins her over and the two become friends and she comes to rely on him to help her through cases.

amenadiel.png(Wait… isn’t that the girl from Texas Chainsaw Massacre!?)

Though no one seems to believe him or dismiss him as a ‘method actor’ Lucifer makes no secret of who he really is, which in and of itself is hilarious.

Other characters join Chloe and Lucifer throughout the series… lets take a look at them…


Another messenger of God and Lucifer’s brother. At first, he appears to be the moral compass of the show, trying to get Lucifer to return to Hell, but over time becomes more of a dose of reality to Lucifer as he deals with his own problems on Earth. He also causes a lot of the problems in Season 1, desperate to get Lucifer to return to Hell after having to do Lucifer’s job for a while.

I have to admit… he’s one of the more boring characters. When his scenes show up, I tend to kind of just wait for them to end. His story is a lot more gloomy and really tends to throw off the mood of the rest of the show.



Appearance-wise, I have to say that she’s as close to the original source material as anyone has gotten. Personality… well that’s another story.
In the show, she’s a devious, promiscuous, sexy, painfully blunt, bad ass fighter who starts out as Lucifer’s protector. She was tasked with torturing evil souls in hell and follows Lucifer when he decides to leave, but becomes disillusioned with the job and starts doing her own thing. Though she seems stoic and uncaring, she has a soft spot for Chloe’s daughter who quickly becomes her only friend.

IMAG0014.jpg(I mean who wouldn’t want their child cuddling up with a demon!)

Still… Chloe refers to her as a very deranged person… and then they wind up living together… kay…

Aside from Lucifer, I’d say that she is the most interesting character in the entire show. She’s dark, but has a… barely detectable side of compassion. I was thrilled to find out that she would be connecting more with detective Decker as that’s where she’s the most interesting.

Dan Espinoza:
(AKA Detective Douche)

Chloe’s ex and fellow officer. He seems protective of Chloe, but has his own dark side. He has his ups and downs in the series, but basically serves as Lucifer’s local cock-block. I could go into more detail, but to be honest, I don’t find him that interesting. He’s sort of a comic foil, but other than that he scenes seem to be getting fewer and fewer as time goes on. I don’t see him surviving the series.

Dr. Linda Martin:

Lucifer’s therapist and more recently part of Chloe’s girl crew. Maze also seems to be warming up to her. Though extremely intelligent and able to keep up with… what she refers to as Lucifer’s metaphors, she seems somewhat ditsy.

She’s a tad annoying, but I like her enough to hope that she sticks around.

Ella Lopez:

Rachael Harris as Kim Martin.

A member of the LAPD’s forensics dept. She’s young and very peppy. What’s more she really seems to like Lucifer. I’m not sure if she’s charmed by him or simply amused by his antics, but she definitely seems to be getting more and more friendly. However, to Lucifer’s annoyance, she is convinced that he is a method actor and nothing he says or does looks like it will be changing her mind any time soon.

In more recent episodes, we see her character develop and get a lot more air time, which I am happy about because I very much like her character.

I have to say, I’d chalk this show up as a dramatic comedy more than anything. It is absolutely hilarious ride through everyday LA. As the audience, we are treated to what the devil would be doing if he were on vacation or ‘retired’ from his old job. As with his legend, he does make deals with people, but doesn’t require their souls for payment. He seems to be more of a benevolent character who simply got a bad reputation because of his job of having to punish the wicked. Most of the characters are very enjoyable and the episodes are very light-hearted. It deviates from the comic book rather blatantly, but that’s not a bad thing here. I highly recommend this series to anyone. Comic fan or otherwise!

My two favorite Episodes are:
Season 1, Episode 9, ‘A Priest Walks Into A Bar.’
Here, we see Lucifer befriend… of all things, a priest. He get’s to experience friendship and then having to lose said friend. This provides us a whole new look into Lucifer’s character and how dynamic and complex his psyche is.

Season 2, Episode 4. Lady Parts.
(No, not because of the name!) It’s honestly just a funny episode where Chloe and Mazikeen’s relationship is forged.

Overall rating: 4/5 Stars. I love this show!


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