The Death Of Star Wars: “Toxic” Fandom and Drama #StarWars #LucasFilm #Fans #TheMandalorian

As I’ve said before… if you thought TLJ was the worst Star Wars ever put out, watch this, learn why you’re wrong, then come back and let’s talk.




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3 thoughts on “The Death Of Star Wars: “Toxic” Fandom and Drama #StarWars #LucasFilm #Fans #TheMandalorian

  1. Ah, the holiday special. I can’t believe no one involved in that project thought to say “You know, maybe this is really REALLY stupid”.

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  2. Silk Cords says:

    The difference though is that TLJ was written for adults and was supposed to be a serious part of the continuity.


    • StCyril says:

      Two counterpoints…
      I’m not entirely certain it was. This came off as way too comedic in a childish sense, and Lucasfilm leadership had already made it clear that they were looking to attract a new -younger- audience.

      I would argue that the Holiday Special was as well. If not… Lucas has some explaining to do when it comes to grandpa wookie getting excited over… what I can only describe as galactic porn.

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