The Orville – A Fall Back for Star Trek Fans?

If you’re s Star Trek fan, likely you’ve heard about the controversies surrounding Star Trek Discovery. If not… check out the Midnight’s Edge video. It does a pretty good job of outlining all of the problems:


I’ve been asking people to give this show a chance. It might not be the political browbeating Social Justice Trek that a lot of fans, myself included, fear it will be. However… after comments from Jason Isaacs saying that he doesn’t care about pissing off fans, and the writers saying that they’re targeting half the population as comparing Trump supporters to the disarrayed Klingon empire… I’m quickly losing what little faith I had. I’m not a Trump support, but I don’t really think that this was the political agenda that Roddenberry had in mind for Star Trek.

Anyway, that aside… Star Treks fans are feeling a little displaced right now. Though Star Trek Discovery has not come out yet, many people… and rumor has it, the studio, have already written off the series.

The good news is that there is hope! Seth McFarlane has been a card-carrying Trekkie for a long time. His fandom reached epic proportions to the point where he actually did a cameo on Enterprise. He’s wanted to work on a Star Trek style series for years, and this is what he came up with.

I watched the Orville pilot and, without giving anything away, I wanted to give my overall thoughts on it.

This is not really a cerebral show, at least not anywhere near what Star Trek is. The special effects are impressive and you can really feel a Star Trek influence here. There are multiple Easter Eggs within the series, including former Star Trek actors.

One thing I want to make very clear, THIS IS A COMEDY! It’s expected to be lighthearted and, given Seth McFarlane’s previous work, somewhat juvenile. However many of the jokes are adult in nature, and while I wouldn’t say this is necessarily appropriate for all audiences, it’s relatively harmless fun.

Any negatives?

It’s a little too early on to say. We’ve only seen the pilot and so far I’ve loved what I’ve seen. However I do have a few concerns. First of all, most if not all of Seth’s other works wore out their welcome fast. Family Guy lost its charm after Season 5 and has completely worn out its welcome. McFarlane seems to get caught up in his own desire to see how far he can take shock humor, and his work suffers as a result. I can see that happening here.

Second issue: Seth McFarlane is political and always has been. He makes no secret of it and has a tendency to work it into his other shows. I’m not saying its going to happen here, but if it does, The Orville could fall into the same trap as STD. That being said, after Trump’s election, he posted a statement online criticizing the very brand of politics that is turning people off to Star Trek Discovery. So this may be unlikely. McFarlane seems to have a level head on his shoulders. Time will tell here.

Third Issue: For some reason, many studios see Sci Fi series as box office poison, as a lover of both Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I worry about this show lasting more than a few seasons.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the show yet, give it a whirl. It is available on Hulu as well! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Is this show the fall-back for disenfranchised Star Trek fans?


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One thought on “The Orville – A Fall Back for Star Trek Fans?

  1. I did a whole review on this already and I liked it. It has good character, a good balance of serious and comedic, and was just more fun than all this dystopian sci-fi that’s out there. Seth wanted to make something more positive for our future which is a bonus. Alara is my favorite character because I just like her personality, plus she essentially has superpowers. 🙂


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