Is Pokemon Go Elitist?

I usually roll my eyes and avoid weird ‘working class hero’ conspiracy theories… but I’ve noticed a trend lately when playing Pokemon Go that I wanted to see if others could confirm.

In my home state of Massachusetts, I do a lot of traveling on a near daily basis. I keep Pokemon Go on at all times to try to hatch eggs.

However… I’ve noticed a trend where it seems like most of the rare/ high powered Pokemon appear in rich neighborhoods where some of the lower middle class/poor towns don’t get anything more than the common and uncommon stuff.

Example: I traveled into Brookline and Cambridge three times during the week. At all three times, I caught super rare pokemon at the stops and at random locations in these towns. They are both extremely wealthy areas.

But Jim, they’re also right next to the most populated areas of Boston. 

All right, fair enough. I’ve also noticed this in Newton, Wellesley, Weston, Sudbury, Lincoln, and Natick.

In fact, when in Natick, the Poke stops all show rare Pokemon, but then go one town over to Framingham and they suddenly change to common Pokemon. This has happened more than once.

We also rarely see rare or mythical pokemon in Marlborough, Worcester, Lawrence, and Attleboro.

Now is it possible that I’ve just been lucky to get those Pokemon in those areas at those times on a couple of occasions? Sure. I’m not making any accusations… yet. I just want to see if anyone else has had the same experience.


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