You Want More Trump? Mass Effect

Ever wonder what happened to the Mass Effect games? The first one was awesome, the second one was great… The third… and now Andromeda..

Despite the decent reviews that Andromeda has been getting… they largely seem to agree

“In its current iteration, Mass Effect: Andromeda is an incredibly addictive, compelling action RPG. It is also deeply flawed in a way that goes beyond the sometimes wonky character animations and technical glitches that worm their way into expansive, open-world AAA titles nowadays. Much hay has been made about Andromeda‘s character animations and odd lighting, and rightly so. While there is a lot to love about Andromeda, these seemingly small details wind up breaking the immersion and distracting from the game’s storytelling potential.

From wooden character models to dead android eyes, the animations in Andromeda feel as though they were an afterthought. Some characters look like they have space rickets when the walk, others seem as though they’re experiencing constant tremors, and some suddenly appear in front of me thanks to shoddy draw distance issues on the PS4 version. In one horrifying case, the game glitched and created two Nakmor Dracks standing on top of one another in the kitchen of my spaceship.”

Among other complaints are that the character creation bit is terrible, and many place the blame for this and other Bioware game flaws on the game designers who seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time being racists…


… I’ve taken a bit of flak for this, but after seeing this… crap on twitter, I sent a letter to BioWare, explaining that if this was the type of person that they employed, and the things they say here are perfectly okay with them, they’d lose a lot of customers. They already lost me. I still have my Dragon Age games, but I have no intention of purchasing Andromeda or any other BioWare game until they come out against this bigotry.

Identity politics doesn’t sell, nor does a bias against another race.

Oh come on Jim, I’ll bet her doesn’t really believe that. He probably just said it to attract attention to his game. 

That actually might be even more despicable. You drive the racial divide deeper just to sell your product?

So you’re against freedom of speech?

We’ve been over this. He has every right to say it and I’m glad he did, because I now know where the money I spend on my games goes and can make much more conscientious about where my money goes.

You are aware that most of the gaming/geek community are left leaning right?

Yes, though that may change as they’re continuously alienated by creators looking to pander to a group of people that literally have zero interest in their products. I have no issue with leftist ideologies, its regressive leftist ideologies that I take issue with and those people are not majorly part of the Geek community.

Stupid, racist, divisive comments like this, people. That’s how you get more Trump.


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