Political Exhaustion

You know… a while back my wife and I made a deal to get off of facebook. It was becoming an issue for both of us and we were spending too much time on there. At the time I lemented the idea because… well she was absolutely right. Most of the plans I made with friends were on there, I was spending too much time arguing over points, things… were getting bad.

So we stopped. Now here I am a year later, my wife goes back onto facebook to see if her family has posted any new news lately and I do the same… and I’ve looked over the last few days…

Here’s what my wall looks like:

  1. Article posted by a friend from History.com comparing today’s crisis to the Irish one from the 1900s
  2. Boston Globe Article blaming Baby Boomers for the state of the US
  3. Another Post by a friend talking about James Comey
  4. Another Supreme Court Appointee
  5. The Refugee crisis and why it sucks
  6. Some idiot quoting a Hollywood Celebrity on Trump
  7. Someone sharing an article that some other idiot half-copied from CNN talking about the Russian Hack.

… I’m starting to think that my wife had the right idea. It never ends and frankly, I think we’re all tired of it. The endless stream of political bickering… one side calling the other racist, the other side resorting to other childish name-calling, neither side willing to budge… the list goes on and on… FOREVER ON AND ON!!!

Frankly I think we’re all sick of it.

But Jim you…

I know… I contributed to it and continue to do so… and for that I apologize. I really hate politics. I’ve seen how it drives people away from causes, turns friends into enemies, rips families apart, and everything in between.

News outlets talk about voter disenfranchisement, well… this is really what they’re talking about. People don’t feel represented, this is true, but they’re also tired of all the BS being hacked back and forth. They are tired of listening to far more charged and triggered people go at it, nearly tearing one another to pieces, they’re sick of seeing their videos of their kids getting yelled at by agenda-driver educators when they challenge what’s being taught. They are tired of all of it.

This is NOT how we are supposed to be. It is not how we are supposed to live. The United States, and many other countries in the West were built on the idea that people can have different opinions, they can have different views and beliefs and while you may not agree with them, you should respect their opinions.

Where we live in a place where people are berated to no end for their political leanings, where they live in fear that some overbearing activist will contact employers if they see something they don’t like…

This isn’t the way things are meant to be. There is no free exchange of ideas. There is a fight to get out what you think before the other guy cuts you off.

This is why people don’t vote. We’re tired of all of it.


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2 thoughts on “Political Exhaustion

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Social media’s instantaneous communication and semi-anonymity does not invite reasoned, thought-through arguments, but rather instant spasms of emotional response. The result is that most of whatever is written on social media is absolute drivel. The sheer number of spelling mistakes and poor grammar alone shows that people are not taking any time at all to think over their responses. Compounded with the fact that we are bombarded with constant information from a multitude of sources clamouring for our attention, and the result is that we are all slowly drowning in an online sea of meaningless noise. It’s a sad state of affairs that I hope will one day be sorted out; the pessimist in me suggests that it won’t for a long time to come.


  2. thejander says:

    I told my husband a couple of weeks ago that there really should be no need to look at theories of alternate realities or in sci-fi and fantasy stories. No, they should just go to my Facebook page.

    Example of this. One day I saw two different post about an interview that was on Fox News with Bill Nye. One article, was blasting Bill Nye and how the interviewer cut him down which was rightwing. Then I scrolled down and saw a leftwing article was talking about all the facts that Bill Nye was right on and how dumb his interviewer was.

    I just stared in front of the computer screen dumbfounded for a second and then became amazed at the blinders people wear because they never seem to notice bias.

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