From My Writing Playlist


I hope you people appreciate these… this one is a little more of a very guilty (embarrassing) pleasure:


WARNING!!!! Listening to anything by the Caramella Girls is insanely catchy… we’re talking Duck Tales theme level! You listen, these will stick in your head, forever!

You have been warned.

When to listen: BOOGIE BAM BAM!!! …sorry, um… mostly when you need a break. This is a 7th inning stretch song for when you need a break. If not, then general playlist.


Do you have a question about writing, publishing, my stories, etc? Please feel free to post a comment or email me.

I’ll use those comments to select my next blog post.

I have been writing for several years, have 4 published works, experience with publishing and independent work, so I can hopefully be of assistance.

Please note, I only do one of these a day and will do my best to respond to everyone, but it may take some time.

Also, feel free to check out my works of Fantasy and Historical Fiction, Available on Amazon and where ever books are sold. See the link below:

Thanks friends!

Catch you on the flip side!



7 thoughts on “From My Writing Playlist

  1. How am I supposed to be a stern, judgemental UK socialist with happy-tunes going through my head….curses….must-stop-feet-tapping!!

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  2. […] favorite blogs belong to a gentleman and published author named Jim. He regularly posts his “From My Writing Play List” and I find it fun and interesting to see what other writers us as a muse for their work. […]

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  3. Dacia says:

    I tagged your blog and this post today. Just FYI. Sorry I haven’t been around much this month. I joined a writing challenge and blogging took a backseat. Would you care to stop by and weigh in?


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