Star Trek In Crisis?

… I’m starting to think that abandoning Star Trek in it’s entirety was the best thing I could do.

Will I watch it when it comes out? I mean I have a Netflix account, so I may give an episode or 2 a watch just to see how badly it will bomb, but otherwise no. I also do not intend to pay for CBS access. That’s a ripoff.


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4 thoughts on “Star Trek In Crisis?

  1. Erics Illusions says:

    If they had the right cast, like Kirk, Spock and McCoy, Picard, Data and Riker then they could bring back cardboard boxes for control panels and be able to see the string attached to the wouldn’t matter. It’s all about the story, the characters. Sometimes I think Hollywood doesn’t get that.


  2. I haven’t watched the latest movies. Just can’t get into them. I miss the old Voyager, Deepspace Nine, and Next Generation serials. They were great.


  3. Dave Walker says:

    With the initials “STD” it was doomed from the start anyway. 😉


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