From My Writing Playlist

Not going to lie, this one is on my normal playlist. I am a huge fan of Lindsey Stirling and I do like Peter Hollens as well. They do a great job with this song, which is the opening to my favorite game of all time; Skyrim.

When to listen: Fight scenes. Any fight scenes will do. This song has all the dynamic of a fight. A build up, the initial clash, the quiet agony and pushing yourself to continue and the triumphant close. Give it a listen.




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4 thoughts on “From My Writing Playlist

  1. spritzyclover says:

    hehe, I like “We are Giants” too. It plays well when you’re trying to force a character to flower… like, “Really, A.B. You gotta develop some kind of passion or this scene won’t work.” “I don’t wannnaaa!” says the character in question. And you turn on the song and the character says, “… ;-; okay. I guess I can do it.—-I CAN DO IT!”


  2. imaginealpha says:

    All of Lindsey’s songs are amazing playlists for all kinds of creative writing. Every once in a while I sit down and turn on her playlist of best songs. ❤

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  3. Very cool topic. I have a lot of favourites for my writing playlists. I’ll have to give her songs a listen.


  4. ericjpostma says:

    Lindsey is the best! I remember first hearing about her years ago. I’m thrilled to hear she’s been touring all over and getting tons of attention for her work.


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