Powering Through!

I’ve got a question about writing.
I’ve currently got a novel in the works but I am currently finding it hard to continue. How do you power through the finishing stories?

Hi Bahanehm,

Good question. I actually get asked this one quite a bit. Its a little hard to answer without knowing exactly what’s stopping you, so I’ll try to give a few general tips that have helped me in the past.
1. STOP WRITING! Don’t try to power through it because you’re not going to get very far, and trust me there is nothing worse than reading a novel that the author was clearly unenthusiastic about. Don’t… PLEASE don’t write if you’re just doing it to get it done. Your audience WILL pick up on it.
2. Reflect: What made you write this novel? What made you initially want to write it? Was it a movie you saw? A book you read? Perhaps a discussion you had with someone? Go back to whatever it was that inspired you to write and rediscover what made you do so in the first place.
3. Go do something else: Not kidding, go listen to music (I’ve posted several playlist options), go read a book, go watch a movie, or go out an experience the world. Get a refresh and then come back.
4. Reread what you already wrote: You’re going to need to do this anyway… multiple times. Go back, read, make corrections, and then try to pick up where you were.
5. Write an alternate path: Try creating a different storyline, say have your characters make different decisions and see where the story goes.
6. Write something else: Have another story in mind? Perhaps this is what’s stopping you from finishing your first one. Well, get it down on paper and then go back to your old one.
Hopefully these will help you get your mind back on track and help you start up again.
I’ll also open it up to my readers and let them offer any suggestions that they may also have. They’re usually pretty good about it.
Jim H.


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Thanks friends!

Catch you on the flip side!



4 thoughts on “Powering Through!

  1. Great advice! Thanks!


  2. M G Kizzia says:

    Very often, when I come to a grinding halt, it is because I messed up something earlier in the story and my subconscious is requiring a fix. It can be something as simple as a brown haired person suddenly becoming blonde without my noticing. It can be something more substantial, like I set something up earlier that I have forgotten needs to be resolved. It can be something all through the work, like a character, inconsistently portrayed, that needs deliberate work. Whatever.

    Often, I cannot continue on the story until I find it (figure it out) and fix…whatever it is.


  3. imaginealpha says:

    This helps a lot. i have a lot of ideas that never get done, mainly because I get bored of whatever inspired me to start writing it. One tip I’d like to add if it gets boring is to try and think of something new to add. I usually just play the Scribble Game – I scribble something random on a piece of paper (literally) and try to make something out of it. My imagination usually gives me something, and it really helps power through when I hit a wall.

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  4. Bahanehm says:

    Thanks for this reply!!!! I really appreciate it


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