You Want More Trump? (Part 3)

You know, they say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results…

Because Hell is repetition and that’s where we are. You ever know someone who does something really stupid, curses up a storm about it and you just shrug saying ‘It’s okay, they made a mistake, they’ll learn and grow and not make that mistake again.’

… only to see them go back and do the same stupid thing the next day, thus repeating the same process?

That’s currently where the left stands, sadly. Like I’ve said a million and one times, I don’t like Trump, but at least I’m willing to give him a chance, which is a more than I can say about others. He has done something in his first few weeks in office that few, if any other presidents has ever done; KEEP HIS CAMPAIGN PROMISES!

Need a good example, take a look at the Main Stream Media. Look into each of their stories regarding Trump and then fact check them….

The Media: Trump Put White Supremacist Steve Bannon into a position of power in Washington.

The Truth: Steve Bannon is among the founding members of Brietbart’s board. The left considers pretty much anything right wing to be hateful, racist, and/or sexist. Brietbart is quite well-known for it’s strict adherence to the 1st Amendment, often letting its columnists go off on tirades.

And… that’s it. There is no other evidence against Steve Bannon that I could find… but apparently that’s enough to call him a racist, White Supremecist. No one has printed any DIRECT evidence in his words or actions that can be directly attributed to him, but oh well.
(If I’ve missed some direct evidence, please leave it for me in the comments and I’ll be happy to retract this.

The Media: Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch ‘founded student group called Fascism Forever Club’

The Truth: Completely false. Fake News. Jesuit Publication came out with a statement that confirmed, the Club Never Existed. Per a member of the faculty:
“There was no club at a Jesuit school about young facists… The students would create fictitious clubs; they would have fictitious activities. They were all inside jokes on the senior pages.”

The Media: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

The Truth: This is technically correct, but misleading. Yes Hillary got more overall votes than Trump, but does that mean that she was the more popular choice? Many democrats went Bernie or Bust and didn’t vote, the 3rd party vote isn’t factored in, others voted for Hillary because they didn’t want to see Trump win, and likely an even larger group voted for Hillary because the vote democrat no matter who it is. Could be Josef Stalin and they’d still vote for him over a republican. Then you’ve got the lowest of the low… the people who piss me off the most… the people who voted for Hillary because she has a vagina, no other reason, they just wanted the first woman in the White House… again, regardless of who.
The point is that if you actually ask people, you’ll find a shockingly low number of people who voted for her based on her likability or policies.

The same logic can apply to Trump. So It’s a little misleading to just show the numbers and say based on that, Hillary deserves the presidency.

The Media: Trump instituted a ban against Muslims. Violating the rights of people trying to come to the U.S.

The Truth:


Stop sucking up to Hillary and attempting to de-legitimize Trump.

Donald Trump instituted a ban against seven countries that have strong connections to terrorism and are politically unstable. He did so to protect his own people from harm, WHICH IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY ELECTED OFFICIAL!  This is why he was elected, because people were tired of seeing our leaders put other countries, peoples, and economies first, and then have said leaders laugh at them or call them racist bigots when they complained.
Violating their rights to come to the U.S.? This is nothing more than propaganda. Legally speaking, foreigners have NO RIGHT to come to someone else’s country. In the most strict interpretation of international law, no one has that right. If a sovereign nation decides to close off its borders, it has every right to.

The Media: Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world and a leader for the people. 

The Truth: Ugh… not her own people, that’s for damn sure. Though I suppose that’s accurate if you look at how many refugees have been dumped on Europe thanks to her open door policy.

Seriously left wing media, why would you want Merkel as the leader of the free world? Thousands of rapes, murders, and other crimes have been committed on her watch and can DIRECTLY be attributed to her policies. This is something that will taint her forever.
All of the rapes you see throughout Europe from these refugees, all of the terrorist actions, crimes, etc. SHE DID THIS! It is an indisputable fact!

Seriously, this is what we see from the left wing; identity politics, shame, and outright lies. Unfortunately the media has eaten it up and is spewing this continuous narrative… I can only guess in an effort to bring down the U.S. President. Unfortunately this kind of hysteria is being propagated in smaller outlets and eaten up by the wrong people in the general public AND PEOPLE ARE GETTING BADLY HURT AS A RESULT!!!

Ugh… I’m not even addressing that one… If anyone still believes that Sarah Silverman has an ounce of sanity left to her, I weep for you… Seriously can you imagine what would happen if one of us regular people ever said things like this.^


Yeah Judd Apatow is an asshole. I don’t like resorting to name-calling, but he is. Take a look at his comments on Ghostbusters if you need any more proof about how out of touch this… ‘guy’ is. Period. If you actually take anything he says seriously, you have more problems than I can address. Yes he deleted the tweet, but the internet NEVER FORGETS!

So yes, from the looks of things, despite a momentary professing to the contrary, it looks like the people who oppose Trump and who mostly vote democrat (sadly) have learned nothing and continuously push the more moderate people to the right.

Seriously, I didn’t vote for Trump… I’m actually tired of talking about him and I don’t like him, but I constantly see myself in a position of having to defend him because all I’m seeing from the media is easily debunked lies. It’s like they’re throwing things at the wall, hoping something will stick and sadly… not everyone does their due diligence and takes the word of the media as truth rather than face value.

You want more Trump? This is how you get it, because the right people are watching, listening, and will be voting again in 4 years.

Anyway, let me know what you think down below.


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