Star Wars, Never As Good…

I’ve heard a lot of people question whether or not we’ll ever get another movie as good as the originals… The prequels were a disaster, the spinoffs have been decent to laughable, and The Force Awakens was good… ish?

Sigh… So the question remains, will we ever get another movie as good or as groundbreaking as the original trilogy?

Well get your pitchforks ready, Star Wars fans, because I’m about to drop a bomb on you.
The big question isn’t whether or not we’ll ever get a movie as good as the originals, the question is whether or not you’re judging the newer movies through nostalgia goggles or if you’re placing them against the originals as they are.

What do I mean by that? Well… we all grew up with Star Wars (okay, most of us). They’re beloved classics and nothing could ever replace them. They were groundbreaking and their fandom has endured for decades.

Phew… that’s a lot to live up to… at face value.

The truth is that if you watch the movies, specifically ‘A New Hope’ without nostalgia goggles, you start to realize a few things…

  1. The acting is horribly dated. I mean seriously. It really seems like any other hokey acting from the 1970s that just does not hold up very well by today’s standards. Now to be fair, we can attribute this to the fact that originally Star Wars was little more than a cheesy Flash Gordon spinoff (read the original script if you don’t believe me), and wasn’t meant to be serious. That all changed when better writers took over.
  2. The movie is full of potholes.
    – Maneuvers = Listing lazily to the left.
    – Why did Obi Wan let himself get killed?
    – Why didn’t the X-Wings cover the Y-Wings better.
    – Why did the fighters in the trench just let themselves get shot up, despite a million ways they could have saved themselves.
    – Why did Princess Leia bring the plans to the base when she knew they were being tracked
    – Why didn’t the Death Star just destroy Yaving?
    – Why didn’t the Death Star hyperspace into the system on the correct side of the planet?
    -How does two torpedoes destroy a battle station that size!? (Yes I know this one was covered in Rogue One, but before now, we were accepting this!)
    (This is just off the top of my head!)
  3. The plot is as basic and linear a hero story as they come. Yes, we’ve seen the plot of this movie before… many many times, just not quite told this way.
  4. The reason Star Wars was such a huge phenomenon was, among other things, because it was the first true summer blockbuster. People had never seen a big budget movie of this magnitude before, making this historic and driving people to flock to the theaters.

When you factor all of these things together, you slowly embrace the horror that the prequels were actually not nearly as bad as you think or as people say. In fact, they’re actually fairly decent movies by comparison.

However, then reality sets in even more when you look at Rogue One and The Force Awakens. Yes, they are as good as the originals. As good as A New Hope and maybe slightly trailing behind Empire and ROTJ.

So will we ever get a Star Wars movie as good as the originals?

-Nostalgia Goggles Answer: No
-Critical Eyes: We already have.

So am I right? Am I missing something? Or am I way off on the original trilogy. Let me know below!


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10 thoughts on “Star Wars, Never As Good…

  1. Freaek says:

    Nice post! I always try too watch a new Star Wars movie with the eyes of a cinema fan and not Star Wars fan. My first Star Wars movie was “Phantom Menace” and I loved it, because I was a little kid and I loved laser swords fights. Then I got really into it and I don’t think prequels are shit nor I think Force Awakens is bad (i think it fullfills its mission) and I actually think Rogue One is the second best Star Wars (behind Empire Strikes Back).

    Good to know, there is a difference on the goggles.

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    • StCyril says:

      I’ve always looked at ‘The Force Awakens’ as the metaphorical ‘hello’ from an old friend who has always been with us, took a bit of a beating, went away for a while, and just had to come back and show us that he’s okay before going on to do bigger and better things.
      Really if you think about it, Star Wars kind of had to do this.

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  2. S. Hansen says:

    I’m going to say something really controversial here. I never really liked the Star Wars films…
    I do however love the Star Wars universe, I’ve played the online Star Wars game exhaustively, played every other Star Wars game too. Read some other stories set in the universe. And it’s all amazing. But the Skywalker family and their galaxy damaging drama have never interested me. If they could all have just acted a little bit more responsibly and gracefully like Leia then their family get togethers would be a lot easier on the galaxy as a whole. And (more controversy coming) if I’m honest I did fist pump when Han had a that little “meeting” with Kylo in The Force Awakens.
    And from this stand point it has been very easy for me to enjoy the new Star Wars films. With no nostalgia glasses I can watch The Force Awakens and really enjoy it. And the same goes for Rogue One (though the droids were the MVPs in both films for me).
    I hope that I haven’t gone too far against the grain of geekdom but there it is.

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    • thejander says:

      Are you me? Because while I like the Star Wars universe, the films while interesting, aren’t the best movies ever. I’ve enjoyed the extended universe that wasn’t always focused on a Skywalker. And Han, I did a slow clap in my mind during that scene. Then I remembered he’s getting his own solo film.

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  3. My problem with The Force Awakens and Rouge One is that they clash with established Star Wars fiction. They’d have been fine in my book if they’d followed that.


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