From My Writing Playlist

Oh hell yeah!

This song, especially the beginning, is a battle song. No doubt about it. When the choir starts their harmony right at the beginning, close your eyes and picture too massive medieval armies lining up on either sides of a war torn battlefield. They stair each other down as the rain falls around them and lighting breaks the skies above.


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5 thoughts on “From My Writing Playlist

  1. spritzyclover says:

    Duude, Eluvietie is like… The BEST. One of my all-time favorites is The Call of the Mountain and Quothe the Raven. Really helpful when writing badass–AND emotional–scenes 😀 ahhhh….

    Thanks for sharing!! That was the pump I needed to start my day!

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  2. StCyril says:

    Thanks, check out one of my previous entries, I actually have another Eluvietie recommendation… and it is the Call of the Mountains, but it’s the original Swiss version which just sounds better in my opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

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