Truth About Trump Supporters…


I’ve recently seen a ton of mud slinging on Geek blogs about this… going back and forth over and over.

I am not a Trump supports, I did not vote for him… I didn’t vote for Hillary either, just as an FYI. However I have been someone… interested in the election turnout, partially because of how unexpected it was, but also because of what it represented.

I want to approach this as someone from the outside looking in and attempt to be as unbiased as I possibly can be. Having spoken to a lot of Trump supporters, including ones in my own family, and read a lot other literature from his supporters, I’ve noticed several interesting trends… So let’s try to debunk the myths one at a time…

  1. Trump supporters are racist because they are anti immigration.
    – Okay, this argument is problematic on many levels. I don’t know a soul who is anti-immigration. I think you mean anti-ILLEGAL immigration. Most of the people I’ve spoken to have all voiced concerns over an open border, which allows for the entry of terrorism, drugs, crime, and more unskilled labor into an already saturated marketplace. Many have voiced that when these people do commit crimes, they are simply deported, allowing them to re-enter the country. The fact that most of the people flowing over the border from the south are of Hispanic descent is incidental in their eyes and would be seen as no different if these people came from one of any of the European nations.
    Just because the majority of illegal immigrants are of a certain race, it is not racist to be against it as illegal immigration knows no skin color.
  2. Trump supporters are anti-women because they’re pr0-life
    Ugh… I’ve heard this one before, and as someone who is actually pro-choice, viewing the government’s ability to dictate what people do with their bodies as horrific, I can honestly say that this is a MAJOR stretch.
    The reason why so many of the right is against abortion is because they view a fetus as a living person, you may disagree and there are legitimate arguments either way, but that is their belief. Thus it follows that they believe that killing a fetus is morally wrong and said fetus’s right to life ‘trumps’ the woman’s right to choose. It is not about subjugating women.
    Whether or not you agree with their view is irrelevant. The point is that these supporters don’t see these issues as issues of race or gender, but of practicality and ethics surrounding life.
    But what about rape and incest?
    Most of the ones I’ve spoken to agree that there are exceptions to the rule. The only ones that don’t, typically fall under the fringe and tend to be a minority.
    I would also like to note that many people who label themselves pro-choice… limit their choice to matters of abortion… other bodily choices… such as Cassadra C‘s case, were applauded by the left…
    “After a week, they decided to force chemotherapy on me. I should have had the right to say no, but I didn’t. I was strapped to a bed by my wrists and ankles and sedated. I woke up in the recovery room with a port surgically placed in my chest. I was outraged and felt completely violated. My phone was taken away, the hospital phone was removed from my room and even the scissors I used for art were taken.”

Ugh… but I digress…

Before I go on, I want to address the elephant in the room… Are there genuine racists and sexists who support Trump? YES! Of course there are, just as Al Gore was endorsed by Fred Phelps and Barack Obama was endorsed by Rev. Wright. However, in each case, these people do not represent the voter base as a whole. The MSM has done a fine job lumping supporters in with people like them, but this is a dishonest and unethical practice that is extremely unfair.

The Westboro Baptist Church hates Trump, as does the New Black Panthers, what does that say for people who don’t like Trump? This is a game that anyone can play.

If racism/sexism didn’t get Trump elected, what did? 

Honestly? I think… of all people… Seth McFarlane said it best…

I agree with him 100%. People on the right and in the middle were just tired of the regressive leftist agenda, as well as their hypocrisy…

(HOW is this not racist AND sexist again? Moving on…)

and it wasn’t just white people either…

A lot of people who voted for Trump were tired of this. In truth, in no other political climate that I can think of would Trump ever seriously be considered a legitimate candidate for the U.S Presidency.

The problem is that conservatives and moderates have been caught in the space between spaces where they either give up their Freedom of Speech, or if they say anything contrary to what the regressive left views as the moral right, they get labelled any number of hateful terms and risk losing their job and public image.

To them, this was a chance to fight back against it.

More specifically, working-class white people and men in general got fed up with being told that they’re automatically and inherently sexist and racist because of superficial attributes that are beyond their control, even when they haven’t done anything to hurt or oppress anyone.
When they try to speak out against those that tell them that they somehow benefit from racist and sexist institutions that they have nothing to do with, they are instantly told to check their privilege. This is despite many of them being unemployed, living in trailers, or being employed at menial jobs just like any other race or gender.

But Jim, on average, wouldn’t you say that the average Black person has it worse? I mean look at Chicago!

Truth. No one is disputing that OVERALL they have it worse, but that does not diminish the overall problem. The average income of white people does show as being significantly higher than other races due to the fact that the majority of millionaires and billionaires are white, but these people are the minority and not representative of the overall demographic, which is contrary to what regressives and the MSM want you to believe.

Rather these people seem to believe that because they are white, they are somehow automatically immune to hardship due to some ill-conceived notion of privilege, and then call them racist and sexist if they disagree.

So when people see these types of people make those same accusations against Trump that they made against practically everyone else… even their own people, when it suits the narrative, they see it for what it is and it only serves to bolster Trump’s numbers.

In short, Trump supporters are not only conservative white men. Their group seems to be made up of progressives that wanted to break away from identity politics and the regressive movement, people of minorities who are sick of being constantly treated live victims and spoken down to, and moderates who have been forced over to the right due to the all-or-nothing ideology of the left.

Again, I am not nor have I ever been a Trump supporter… but I can understand why so many people are and for the most part, I can say that it really has nothing to do with gender, race, or any other identity politics.


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9 thoughts on “Truth About Trump Supporters…

  1. Incredibly well written and I love your conclusion about why trump won 🙂 I have recently started a political blog and have a post very similar to this I would love it if you checked it out thanks!

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  2. LJ says:

    Some great points there, really well put

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  3. Dominic Sceski says:

    Hi Jim,
    I’m just curious. I recall you saying in a recent post about child-sex trafficking that “you all know what I’m about, you all know that children are my #1 when it comes to philanthropy and life.”
    Having admitted that, I wonder how you could consider yourself pro-choice, when the number-one cause for the deaths of children is abortion? 60 million children in the USA have died because of abortion. I’m just surprised that you aren’t affected by this.


    • StCyril says:

      Good question. To be honest, my view on abortion is somewhat radical. I do believe it to be evil, I do believe it to be murder, and I do believe that it’s morally and ethically wrong… that being said… this is all based on my own personal beliefs, which I have ZERO right to impose on someone else. To me, the idea of a governing body telling people what they can or cannot do with their body is the epitome of totalitarianism and the absolute worst violation of personal freedom imaginable.
      So while I view abortion as unethical and immoral, I also recognize that it is a gray area all around and there are good arguments on both sides.
      I recognize that I’m neither scholarly nor saintly enough to say that it is definitively a sin. That’s gray area that only the ‘being upstairs’ can answer.
      So I honestly do my best to make sure people know the potential ramifications of abortion, but at the same time, I have to place a greater priority on what I view as a far worse evil. 60 Million have died because of abortion… how many have died because of totalitarian governments?
      Anyway, I know that’s all over the place, but frankly so is the moral ambiguity of the issue. At the very least, I hope you understand my position better.

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      • Dominic Sceski says:

        Okay! I understand where you are coming from a bit better.

        The issue seems to be, Is it really the woman’s body we are talking about? You believe it would be totalitarian for our government to tell women they can’t have a right to do what they want with their body. But I would argue that we aren’t talking about the woman’s body. It’s the baby’s body. The baby is attached to the mother, yes. But it’s still a different body. If it IS the body of the woman, then the woman must have two hearts, two brains, eight limbs, etc. during their pregnancy…an idea which is absurd. What’s more, ask any scientist who’s studied embryos, and I’m sure they can tell you that the cells of the baby are NOT the cells of the mother. The cells of the baby have their own genetic make up/DNA, the whole nine yards.

        If it REALLY is the body of the baby that we are talking about, since when do we have a right to do whatever we want to the bodies of another person? In that situation, we would suddenly become the totalitarian government you speak of.

        You can fact check me if you’d like. I’ve done my research on simple, non-biased websites concerning the pregnancy process. I also wrote a ten page research paper concerning the intrinsic immorality of abortion.

        I understand that there are some areas that seem very gray, and in some cases, can remove a woman from being subjectively immoral (say, if she were forced into the abortion). But either way, my argument is that OBJECTIVELY speaking, abortion is wrong.
        I hope I’ve been making sense! Thanks for your answer!

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      • StCyril says:

        I don’t disagree with any of your points.
        However… and please note I’m totally playing devil’s advocate here… Then you get into the arguments of at which point does the unborn child become a child? At impregnation? Well… at that point, there aren’t any cells that below to the child. A certain stage of development? I’ve heard the medical community go back and forth on that one.
        Basically no one can come up with the when/where/how on this issue. From where I sit, abortion is wrong at the point where new life exists. Where is that? I don’t know. How do you define it? Is that definition the universally morally and ethically one? I’m not the one to answer that question.
        One could make the argument, horrible though it is, that even in the cases of rape or incest, abortion is wrong. Why? Because by the same standard it’s still the rights of the life over the rights of the mother’s choice.
        We see the same thing paternity fraud. Men who were deceived into thinking that they were the father of a child that they actually weren’t still have to pay child support and be part of the child’s life, by law. Why, because the needs of the child over the needs of the ‘parent.’ That’s just how it works.
        Both examples are wrong, but it is the exact same standard and the exact same arguments.
        With all of that moral ambiguity in mind, the only way I’ve been able to not drive myself completely insane trying to interpret absolute morality is to take the stance that, yes I believe it to be evil, yes I believe it to be amoral, but no I don’t have the right to impose my opinion or belief on someone else… why? Because there’s too much gray area, that’s not how freedom works, it’s un-American, and I’m neither scholarly nor saintly enough to determine absolute morality… and I’ve gone back and forth on this millions of times and I’m sure I will a million times over, but each time I come back to this point as the logical middle ground:
        Educate people, speak out, but don’t impose… and let God/Yahweh/Jehova/Space Jesus/Allah/The Automated Sorting Machine in the Sky to sort it out later on.
        But I do get what you’re saying. I think at the very least, that’s important that we can both see each other’s stances and understand where we’re both coming from.

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      • Dominic Sceski says:

        Well, biologically speaking, life begins when a sperm cell successfully fertilizes an egg. At that point, the new life form has unique (or is a unique) cells, because it is the combination of the DNA/chromosomes of the two parents. That’s when life begins, and so I would argue that’s when the HUMAN life begins. Because, obviously, although it doesn’t seem like much, the baby is a human (I mean, it’s not like it would be anything else!). In regards to personhood, personhood is never something that you have to EARN. It’s just what you are, and there’s nothing you could do (or not do) to lose that.

        I totally agree that there are some very ethically challenging areas when it comes to abortion, such as cases of incest or rape. That’s why I’m saying, if a mother did opt for a abortion, I wouldn’t necessarily condemn her and call her a murderer…but the ACT of abortion would still be objectively evil.

        On the notion of un-American…i can see why you believe that…but I don’t agree with you. Abraham Lincoln said “we never have a right to do wrong”. It’s worth noting that when most abortions do take place, the baby already has a head, a beating heart, etc. and only ten percent of women will still get an abortion after seeing an ultra sound!

        I’m not trying to impose anything on anyone, I just think that if everyone knew the facts, nobody would want an abortion! And if it is really evil (dare I say murder), then our government shouldn’t allow it anymore than allowing regular murder.

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  4. Dear Jim,
    An excellent post, and very well put. It’s nice to see a thoughtful blog post on this topic – so much on the internet is half-baked vitriol and spite aimed at those of an opposing viewpoint, with little attempt at empathy. Thanks for taking the time to write it!


  5. THANKS for writing this. The average Trump supporter (in my experience) is tired of being told what to think, that their belief in God has no place in modern society, and that they should pay for other people’s abortions.

    FYI Even the staunchest conservative has wiggle room on the rape/incest/life of mother. It’s the fact that abortion is being used instead of BIRTH CONTROL that is the problem. Also, there is no reason for partial birth abortion; it’s barbarian. After six months, it’s a viable life.

    When Hillary said that Christians need to “change their way of thinking” to be in line with the Democrats–NO. I only change my thinking for ME.

    Let’s get back to the Constitution. Teach it in schools.

    Teach kids respect for themselves and others.


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