Off My Writing Playlist.

Okay, time to bounce back after sorrow and dirge!

This one was… unexpected…

Let me preface this by saying that I HATE country music… okay rather I hate what country music has become. ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia,’ John Denver, and Johnny Cash are still household names for me.

But when pop culture weaves into something more than it should, that’s where we get problems. Usually when I meet someone who can’t understand my hatred of modern country, I direct them to these two videos:

Yeah… So what’s different about ‘I Love This Life?’

Have you ever heard a song that just makes you feel good? A song where the lyrics, the up-tempo music, and the backing vocals just make you want to throw your hands up and shoot off into the sky? This song has some of the most INTENSE positive energy I’ve ever seen! I could name other songs like this and I probably will at some point, but this is a caffeine song if ever there was one.

When to listen when writing:
WRITERS BLOCK!!!! I’m not kidding, listen to it while suffering writers block. Upbeat sngs are a great way to break you out of it!


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2 thoughts on “Off My Writing Playlist.

  1. Dacia says:

    Shocked. That is all.


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