From My Writing Playlist…

So… this is a weird one. For those of you not familiar with Nightcore, they’re a group that takes certain songs and sort of… Animizes them. For lack of a better term. By that, I mean they speed up the temp and singing, and sometimes add a little techno background. Sometimes it sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks singing, other times…

It’s actually better than the original.

When to listen: Start the song, close your eyes. Now picture a final battle. It’s a dark night, storm clouds overhead with thunder and lightning. Rain is pouring down on the dark plains. Our hero raises his sword to just below his eye. He fearlessly stares down his shadowy opponent who is barely outlined against the darkness.

Yeah, this is a final battle song.


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3 thoughts on “From My Writing Playlist…

  1. ToadieOdie says:

    Holy… isn’t this Starset? @_@


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