Russian Hackists VS. Obama Birther

Okay I thought I was done with this honestly, but its still showing up on message boards, blogs, etc…

5 Key Findings From The Intelligence Report…

“Intelligence officials have assessed that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a sweeping, multifaceted campaign geared at helping Donald Trump attain the White House.”

  1. Russia wanted to help Trump win
  2. Putin, top officials were behind the operation
  3. Russia had sustained access to the DNC’s system
  4. Russian intel had a web of ways to make the documents public 
  5. Propaganda machine went after Clinton 

Yeah… it seems the bozos who called the birther bozos ‘tin-foil-headed’ are now taking on that role themselves. Do I even need to point out the irony here? Look, I’m sick of all of this. Our country needs to heal. So let’s go over these points and put an end to this, shall we?

  1. Of course they did. Why wouldn’t they? Russia had been the Clintons’ favorite whipping boy for years. I mean honestly is it any surprise that the Clinton campaign immediately pointed the finger at Russia?
  2. Where is the proof? The article says that the report ‘concludes’ but doesn’t provide any proof whatsoever. Are we to take the intelligence community’s word for it? Like they’ve never been dishonest or politically motivated before…
  3. Again, proof? “The Times found that the FBI tried several times in the following months to warn the DNC about the intrusion, and in November alerted a tech staffer there that information from the headquarters was being transmitted to Russia in what appeared to be a state-sponsored attack.”
    And it would appear that the DNC ignored that advice? Or did they actually get it? Or did they know that it was bogus?

    “While Russian hackers never tampered with vote tallying systems, they did breach multiple aspects of state and local electoral boards, the report said. Russian intelligence has been studying the U.S. election process and technology since 2014.”
    You’re not going to prove any of this, are you? You’re just going to keep making grandiose claims that are only going to make relations with Russia even worse. Even if they were interfering, how is that any different than what the U.S. has been doing for a very long time?

  4. Yes so? Ability doesn’t prove intent, nor does it prove action. If I were sent to trial for murder and the only evidence the prosecution had against me was that I had the ‘ability’ to kill someone… maybe I had the same caliber gun and didn’t like my neighbor, but there was no proof I used the gun and no proof I was anywhere near him during the time of the murder… it would be laughed out of court!
  5. No different than U.S., Britain, and other medias went after Trump. Most of the mainstream news organizations didn’t even cover much of what came out in the wikileaks releases and may I just say that it is sad commentary that someone like Trump or Clinton with a laundry list of corruption and more and more being released, somehow saw their campaigns survive. Has corruption really become the norm that it doesn’t even phase us anymore?

Look, like I’ve said before… I do not support or like Trump. I didn’t vote for him, nor did I vote for Clinton. Granted I despise Clinton a little more than I do Trump, but still. This whole Russian hacking nonsense was started by her campaign and continued by elements sympathetic to her. She’s doing everything she tried to fear-monger us into believing that Trump would do if he lost. It is unbelievably classless and even more depressing as she was once the favorite to win the election. Not exactly what I’d call presidential behavior.

Perhaps the most telling problem I have with this whole thing, besides the media running wild with this Russian hack despite a blatant lack of ANY proof, basically making it propaganda, is that NO ONE has attempted to debunk or discredit anything that has been released. NONE of the emails or documents put out be Wikileaks have been challenged as false.

In other words, all anyone is doing is attempted to shoot the messenger… for telling the truth.

I’m sorry, that’s pathetic. You’re essentially whining and pointing the finger at others, blaming them for your loss because they told the truth about the things YOU DID.

People, I’ll say it again, this is pathetic. We’re wasting time on the angry ramblings of a person who thought she was entitled to the White House, and her cronies. The people reporting they have proof are sympathetic to the Clinton cause and are under control of the current regime in the White House, which has already been proven dishonest time and time again.

Despite what the media said, Clinton was never really electable. She lost the primary back in 2008 to a nobody first term senator from Chicago. Seriously, a long-established individual lost to a nobody, how did anyone expect she’d win this time?

Trump is our president, whether we like it or not. No amount of whining or bellyaching from Clinton or her supporters will change that. Period.

Like I said before, I’m sick of it, but it seems I can’t avoid hearing about it, try as I might. Geekdom, go back to making good movies, comics, TV shows, etc. I don’t like being preached at about identity politics, social justice, or how Russia stole the election from Clinton. It’s your job to entertain, not indoctrinate.

Again, making grandiose claims with no proof. How are you any different than the morons who questioned Obama’s legitimacy to be president?


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8 thoughts on “Russian Hackists VS. Obama Birther

  1. I have to admit I’m one of those who do believe that Putin and his hackers did hack into the DNC and Clinton’s emails, I also am willing to admit that nothing would have happened if the emails weren’t there to begin with. That said, there needs to be a bipartisan investigation into what happened if we’re to prevent this from happening again. As Republicans Lindsay Graham and John McCain have said, this has nothing to do with delegitimizing Trump. This is about ensuring the integrity of our election system.

    Liked by 1 person

    • StCyril says:

      Maybe… and maybe I’m a little biased because I’m one of those people who hope that Edward Snowden will be pardoned by Trump, but honestly I’m torn on investigating this… I’m in favor of government transparency and whistle blowers force that issue. Like it or not, that’s what Russia did IF they did hack.
      I’d be more worried if they posted anything that wasn’t true, but no one has made that claim.
      Finally, I’d have no issue with the Government and the Clinton Camp crying foul if they would furnish proof. They haven’t, they’ve basically said ‘You just have to take our word for it.’
      Well… honestly the general public isn’t that stupid and we’ve been lied to too many times.

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  2. S. Hansen says:

    Some interesting stuff there. Living in the UK there’s a certain amount of this terrible and seemingly endless mud slinging in the US that I’m shielded from. I get to avoid it being the big news of the day because there’s other stuff going on in the UK and the EU. But your post is still highlighting the importance of questioning any news reports your given. With that in mind, I have to question whether Hilary Clinton is responsible for the Russian hacking claims like you have suggested. You may be able to point me in the direction of some evidence pretty easily but in the UK I have seen nothing about Hilary for the past few months apart from the the jokes about what a terrible year she had. And there has been nothing from her directly.
    So is she masterminding it behind the scenes or is it her supporters and Trump fearers that are responsible?


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