Can video games be considered art?

It’s a tough question to answer. Certainly in this day and age they are not considered ‘high-art’ but when programming backgrounds and beautiful scenery, its hard not to consider them as such.

Let’s consider Skyrim for a moment… someone (me) goes through hours upon hours coding, re-texturing, and updating the graphical properties of the game, using some mods he downloaded and some that he created on his own to create scenery that is on par if not superior to new releases. Could the imagery he comes up with be considered art?

Let me give you a few examples to look at:

Given the extreme detail and the amount of hard work that goes into such things, no two modded Skyrims are exactly the same. Could imagery like this not be considered art?

I think it can, and eventually video game designers will soon be considered the artists that they deserve to be, but I’ll open it up to the floor.

Readers, would you consider this art?


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11 thoughts on “Can video games be considered art?

  1. I agree. Video game designers should be considered artists. What they are able to produce still amazes and captivates me.

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  2. Personally, I absolutely consider video games a form of art (even the ones that may not seem as complex and visually appealing as Skyrim).
    Since they are creations of an imagined world expressed through visual means, their creation process requires imagination, storytelling, narrative, skill (coding) and originality – like all art. 🙂

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  3. ignitedmoth says:

    I absolutely consider creating video games to be an art form. So many people seem to look down on video games, not even taking the time to appreciate the craft that goes into making them. These talented artists are creating worlds that are not only beautiful or interesting to look at, but that can be explored. The imagination and skill that it takes to make such games are definitely marks of what makes an artist in my opinion. 🙂

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  4. Paul-NL says:

    I would definitely say that video games are art. I know there are people out there that don’t feel that way, but I have a difficult time understanding their viewpoint.

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  5. If you’ve played Journey then you know video games are DEFINITELY art. It’s soo beautiful

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  6. I’ll always say yes to this. After going to pax and meeting the dev’s and seeing how much work goes into each game, the design, the music, the writing, everything in the engine, it’s amazing and takes so much talent.

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  7. jonathanpuc says:

    In my eyes they are most definitely are!


  8. Video games are no doubt an art form, I agree with you 😉 But those who comment the same I presume are the biggest video game fans, I wonder what non-gamers would say 😉


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