Soul Siphon Sample Chapter

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“What happened?”

“I don’t know, he just started convulsing. His skin is becoming discolored!”

“Get him into room 2.”

Mica could feel his body slipping away. He tried to scream, but Adramelech would not allow him enough control over his own muscles to do it. He could feel a burning sensation in his chest just under where the crucifix on his neck rested. It felt as though someone had cast the crucifix into a fireplace before placing it around his neck. It had kept Adramelech at bay, but it was now causing him pain.

He had been cursed with the demon for almost a year and it had been eating away at him. He had not been able to eat much in months. The demon had forced him to abuse himself and those around him. He had been forced to alienate the ones he care for the most…

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