It’s Over, Now Can We All Please Move On???

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired of the entire debacle in Washington. I am dead tired of it. Donald Trump won, he is our president. End of discussion.

Right now, all anyone is doing by attempting to change that is embarrass themselves.

Look, I’m not a big fan of Trump. I like him better than Hillary, but honestly I didn’t see a winning hand at all there. Had Sanders run against Trump, I might have just skipped over the presidential ballot and voted for the questions and Reps.

But you don’t understand, Trump is evil! He’s a misogynist, racist, anti-LGBT, hater!

Okay, one… when has he ever said ANYTHING against the LGBT community? He’s met with several of their leaders and we’ve heard him say great things about them.

As for the other claims… you may have a point there, but how is trying to put Clinton into office any better? You want to make the first woman president someone with a laundry list of corruption and the first gentleman a known sexual abuser whom we have documented evidence of traveling on the euphemistically named ‘Lolita Express’ to meet a millionaire on his island home where child sex trafficking took place? REALLY???

How is that standing up for women’s rights? Again, I’m not defending Trump. I agree that he has issues with various groups of people, but I hardly view Clinton as a better choice.

But… but… she won the popular vote! The electoral college is screwed up. We need to abolish it. 

Okay… okay… I admit that the electoral college was put in place to protect the government from the ordinary run of the mill people… but abolish it all together? Do that, and California with a small handful of other states, elect the president. The rest of us would be completely irrelevant.

If you want to fix this, the best way would be for each state to put a process in place why which the electoral vote goes by percentage (see Maine) and the vote is automatic so we don’t have to deal with so-called ‘faithless electors.’
I agree that something needs to be changed, but place the vote 100% in the hands of a few states… and given who those states have sent to Congress in the past… do we really want to risk that?

But what about the Russians? They screwed with our election! If it wasn’t for their tampering…

What? If it wasn’t for their tampering what? Hillary was already unlikable. She lost the last primary to a first-term senator who back then was a nobody. She lost back then (2008)… You want to look at election tampering, look at the Democratic Primary 2016.

So you think Russia tampered with the election? All right, then show me proof. Where is the proof that this happened? Sorry, but the word of a few unnamed contacts at the CIA doesn’t count… especially not after Iraq.

Okay look, I am tired of this. I have lost friends because I refused to side either way in this absurdity of an election, I have watched many of my favorite fandoms succumb to social justice bigotry, hypocrisy, and vagrant racial superiority, and I’ve sworn off certain actors and directors because after some of the foolish and downright hateful things they’ve said, on bothsides, I never want to give them my business again. I’ve even stopped reading certain books because they’ve fallen into the same trap after a number of great novels in their respective series.

Geek culture is in shambles as the result of identity politics, political correctness and both left and right wing politics being thrown in their faces.

I am tired of being preached at. I am sick of being told that I’m un-American and anti-freedom by one side and a misogynist/racist/bigoted hater by the other side.

To those who are hoping to sway the electoral college: Enough already. It’s not going to happen. You all, Hillary included, had concerns about what Trump would do if he lost the election… I get the feeling that you were worried he try to pull something LIKE WHAT YOU’RE PULLING NOW!

Hillary Clinton and her supporters need to stop, because this is embarrassing and incredibly hypocritical. It’s also unnecessary. Look, in all likelihood, Trump isn’t going to get to do half of the things he wants to do because Congress to a point is also pretty scared by some of his rhetoric.

People… please stop. Let today be our final battlefield and then start working on make this a better country. Accept whatever the electors say, work to fix the system later, and work towards rebuilding and coming together. That’s all I really ask…

Anyway, leave me your opinion below… personally I’ve just about had it.


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16 thoughts on “It’s Over, Now Can We All Please Move On???

  1. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Debatable News: Mainstream to Tinfoil Hat and more and commented:
    Maybe the best article I have read on this topic so far.

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  2. letahawk says:

    I’m going to share/reblog this because by and large, I think you’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head (BTW, there are a few people I’d like to hit on the head over this whole election crap too). However, even as my finger is poised to hit “share,” I’m certain I’ll lose even more friends than I have already because I am…well, a lot of the things you’ve been called.

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  3. ToadieOdie says:

    I didn’t like either of them so I voted third party in the hopes of getting a third party Federal support to break up the two party system. Didn’t happen, but I’m not crying foul either. Thanks for this well written article. I couldn’t agree more. Our country really does need to stop bickering and pull together.


  4. Posting from the UK: I did not want Brexit. I do not care for Donald Trump…Tough on me. Whether I like it or not the democratic processes of our respective nations have resulted in the decisions I did not wish for…Oh well that is how democracy goes. Whichever way you slice it or dice it.
    (In fact it is often the case that a minority of the total potential electorate ‘win’ the election…that’s how it goes)
    The vital move for both nations now is for everyone to come together. No wailing and gnashing of teeth, no hateful triumphalism. Let Compassion Respect and Tolerance be our watchwords. We must work together.
    Best wishes to you and yours for Christmas.
    (Irreverent PS…. I have a plan in two years time to make a fortune in the UK selling T-Shirts with the Slogan…’Toldja’….both sides could wear it….it’s a goldmine I tell you!!)

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  5. Rob says:

    I never read anything like this, ever. But I enjoyed your write. Some people are complete idiots if they think Russia tainted the election. You can’t mess with the electiin, the voting apparatus aren’t even linked to the internet for God’s sake


    • StCyril says:

      The democrats have been making assertions that they tampered with the elections by means of swaying the public. They’ve accused the Russians of hacking the emails and supplying them to Wikileaks in order to shift public support away from Hillary.
      Four problems with this…
      1. There’s no proof. The CIA continuously says things like ‘they believe’ or ‘they are convinced’ but never provides the public any evidence. This doesn’t bode well for Hillary as the American people tend to believe that the Government is lying to them and that’s what this looks like.
      2. NO ONE, not even Hillary herself have come out saying that what’s in the emails is false. This is perhaps the most damning… so you’re blaming the Russians for… what? Telling the truth about you, your character, and your cronies? Here’s a novel idea, straighten up, fly right, and don’t give hackers anything to find!
      3. Julian Assange of Wikileaks has openly said that the Russians had nothing to do with it. It was in fact someone within our government.
      4. Hillary has always had a bias against Russia, for one reason or another, they’ve always been her favorite whipping boy… and this pretty much wreaks of her pointing the finger at the persons she’d like to be the guilty party.

      And that’s my take on it in a nutshell.

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      • Rob says:

        Well spoken

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      • I’m posting this in the hope I take some heat and fuss out of the Russian question and put some perspective
        I might sound deluded or I might sound a haggard old cynic (65 this year). However having read much history both political and military I would be very surprised if the Russians had not tried ‘something’, no more than if someone claim the US government (of any stripe) had endeavoured to do the same in Russia.
        It’s the ‘thing’ that the current ‘big powers’ of the day do. Try to turn events to their advantage. When it was ‘us’ (Britain) and France we were often wont to interfere in each others affairs.
        One could even make the assertion (well I’m going to) ‘It’s one of the things we pay our taxes for’ (Well I expect my govt to…..sorry my really cranky old cynical side is shown…blame it on my age and being a very left wing UK socialist- (mischievous aside: Jeremy Corbyn is ok, but a mild wishy-washy for my tastes).
        The real hard-nosed questions are:
        1. How much of any effect did it have? Answer- Probably not a lot, if any. Those manoeuvres only work if the influencing nation is very big and the target nation is very small or the other big nation is rocked by a slam-dunk civil war.
        2. Should it have been made known?….Nah! Lousy bad move, makes you look either pitiful neurotic or sour. If you do have evidence, you check and check and if it looks good, you keep nice and secure and use as an under-the-counter bargaining chip in those behind-the scenes discussions which only historians ever get to read about…(in this manner ‘Hey folks we know what you tried to do. Don’t do it again. We can screw with you too, and better).
        We one day, might all learn that the last..umpteen thousand years of political old business does not work, and the best way to do things is to give each other space and just get on together
        (Final word- I’d love to see a very left wing socialist govt in the UK, we’re small enough country. In the US? It’d never work, you’re far to big and diverse- see what I mean, you go your way I’ll go mine)
        Best wishes to all

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      • StCyril says:

        I gotta tell you, it’s getting almost comical how pathetic the whole thing is…
        The left really seems to hate Russia… and not just in ‘our’ country:

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      • Ah the irony of politics and history, when I was growing up in the 1950s/60s, it was all reversed.
        Actually in the UK Russia always gets a free ride; whatever happens, it’s always the fault of the USA….don’t ask me how, I’m just an old hard-line UK left-winger who doesn’t have a home a political home to go to.
        I recently came across a book in which the author tried to prove that the US was responsible for the Russian intervention in the Ukraine…..presumably the author was not familiar with history from the 16th century to 19th century.
        As the finest philosopher of the 20th Century once said “What? Me worry?”

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      • StCyril says:

        And even more tinfoil in Germany… seriously… is this how the left is dealing with their losses now? BLAME THE RUSSIANS!?


      • The German situation is one steeped in a great deal of history which goes back way back into the 11th century.
        It may seem a bit odd when viewed from the US as your history is so much younger. But there are historical echoes which resonate down many centuries.
        What some will view as a Russian ‘threat’, a Russian will view as protecting their borders against incursions and vice-versa.
        Currently Russia is on a political and military rise, which is part of a tide of history which at the risk of repeating myself is one which has been played out over centuries.
        There is nothing new over German concern over Russian intentions and in decades ahead the position will be vice-versa.
        Europe including Russia here tore itself apart in the 20th century in a series of wars which started before WWI and continued in the interim until WWII. The Cold War brought a measure of unusual stability which corroded in the wake of the end of the Soviet Union. Where we go from here who knows.
        I could well envisage a scenario where the USA no longer wishes to be involved.
        We shall see. Nothing is certain in the political, economical and military worlds, which is why it is so essential we accept we have our differences and still work together.
        Settling differences on a battlefield of cannon and musket is one thing, we don’t have those margins for error anymore.
        Take care you guys.
        And here’s wishing you a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas (oh yeh I forgot to mention I’m a Christian too…catholic by choice)
        Here’s to peace.


  6. GP Cox says:

    THANK YOU! I’ve been saying the same things, but no one’s been listening to me. Get over it, should be the new slogan!


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