LOGAN: Wolverine 3


Oh God… you know, I get the impression that I will not be leaving this theater with dry cheeks… On one hand, its because this is Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine. That alone is enough to make a respectable fanboy cry. This is a rare form for an actor as he has faithfully portrayed the character and gave the role his all, literally for the better part of 2 decades (well… 16 years, but who’s counting?)

Secondly because I’m pretty sure either Logan or Picard… ahem, I mean Professor X, or BOTH are going to die at the end of this movie… 😦

Plus given the tone, the hints… ‘She is like you, Logan. Very much like you.”


(Gee… I wonder who she’s going to turn out to be…)

Yeah… I think everyone picked up on that one pretty quickly.

Anyway… this movie looks amazing. It’ll be a tear-jerker, but amazing none the less.


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9 thoughts on “LOGAN: Wolverine 3

  1. wezlo says:

    I am so with you, I’ve watch the trailer a dozen times, easily, and will continue to do so. It also helps it has one of the greatest covers of all time as the soundtrack.


  2. This trailer looks awesome. I was a big fan of the Old Man Logan story in the comics. I have high hopes for this movie.


  3. Emaleth says:

    hi again, congrats for the great job on the page. I`ve been wondering if you would like to read one of my short histories and tell me what you think about it. If you do… thanks!! 🙂


  4. raistlin0903 says:

    I have not been this excited for a movie since watching the first trailer for Star Wars the Force Awakens. I have already lost count of how many times I have watched the trailer so far. You are right, this might definitely be a very sad movie, but I also think it is going to end Hugh Jackman’s role with a final very high note 😀


  5. I’m persuming that Mr Sinister will kill Xavier and when Wolverine finds out he will attack sinister and, i dunno, also die. then we’ll probably have a post-credit scene with that girl officially becoming X-23.


  6. birenpatel says:

    […] via LOGAN: Wolverine 3 — James Harrington’s Blog of Geek and Writing […]


  7. Kahn says:

    I’ll put it out there, Zac Effron for the next wolverine. He has the right look when you see him and hugh jackman side by side


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