Star Wars: The Search for Snoke

Okay, we all know my theory as to who Rey is, so I’m not going to rehash that one… instead i’m going into my other theory. One other character in Star Wars is a mystery to us: Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?

Admittedly there isn’t much information on him out there and this leads to a whole new set of questions:
Where was he during the time of the Empire?
Did he have anything to do with the Emperor?
Most Importantly… WHO THE HELL IS HE???

Well… most people I’ve told this to so far DO NOT like my answer, but here goes…
Supreme Leader Snoke is…

That’s right, Supreme Leader Snoke is none other than Ezra Bridger!

Why do I think this? Let’s look at the evidence:
1. Star Wars Rebels doesn’t seem to deal with any main characters… why is that exactly? What significance does the show have then? The birth of the Rebellion? Sorry but, no. The birth of the rebellion happened in a cut scene from Episode 3. In fact, the loyalist committee during the Clone Wars became the Rebel Alliance early on. There is going to be a movie tie-in with Rebels at some point. I think that this will be the connection.

2. Age-wise, Bridger is about 14 and about the same age as Luke and Leia. Given the extreme amount of scarring Snoke has, it’s hard to tell how old he is, but Ezra would be within the correct age range.

3. Kylo Ren’s crossguard lightsaber. This… I admit is one of the weaker theories. Yes, Ezra is likely one of the few, if not only force user with knowledge of the crossguard lightsaber, so he would be the most likely person to show Ren how to build it… However, Ren’s lightsaber was built that way out of necessity more than anything else. Yes it was based on the old design so again, Ezra would be the logical person to show him how to do it, but the crossguard in this case was implemented to vent the extra energy that the cracked kyber crystal couldn’t handle. The crude design of the saber was meant to reflect the instability of it’s master, which I thought was a nice touch. So it’s not the best piece of evidence, but even weak evidence is still something.

4. Yoda tells Luke that he’s the last of the Jedi. From the most recent season of Rebels, it appears that he knew about Ezra and possible Kanan. Which means that either both Kanan and Ezra are dead, no longer Jedi, or… something more nefarious.

5. There is a rumor, though I couldn’t find the source, that the first Order was built with the remains of the Empire based at least in part on Sith teachings from Malachor… and who is currently in possession of, AND can open a Sith Holocron from Malachor?

6. We’ve already seen hints that Ezra has started down the dark path. The dark side called to him, he’s used sith abilities, and Maul seems fixated on making Ezra his new apprentice. With Kanan now blind, his Jedi training may not be as easy to carry out as it could have been… if even possible. Kanan will have a much harder time keeping his pledge to protect and teach Ezra from the call of the dark side.

7. Appearance… again slightly weaker given the animation style, but still enough to turn heads:

Again, not solid, but interesting.

That’s pretty much all of the evidence that has me convinced, now let’s take a look at the arguments against:

1. He can’t be! Snoke isn’t human, Ezra is!

-Really? Show me where in Star Wars lore they mention that Snoke isn’t human? His humanoid and badly scared, but there is nothing saying that he is any other species.

2. Why can’t Kanan be Snoke? He’d be older at that point and Ezra isn’t old enough!

-Ehh… again, how do we know that? Snoke’s scars make it nearly impossible for us to figure out his race, let alone his age. We know his very knowledgable of the force and has had run-ins with the Skywalker family, this suggests that he’s at least around their age. Also… I have a funny feeling that we see Kanan in The Force Awakens without knowing it… Lor San Tekka. Yup, another theory that happens to fit the facts. I’ll explore that one another time.

3. Snoke said he saw the Rise and Fall of the Empire! Ezra isn’t old enough.

-The rise of the Empire didn’t take place overnight. Just because the Emperor announced it and the Clones wiped out the Jedi, doesn’t suddenly turn the Republic into the Empire. There were systems that needed to be brought in line, a stronger star fleet that needed to be built, etc. etc. So in essence, Ezra would have seen the rise and fall of the Empire as Rebels takes place 14 years after Episode 3… Meaning that Ezra would have been born around the time Order 66 went out.

4. Where was Ezra during the Galactic Civil War then?

-Maybe he was behind the scenes? Maybe he was off in the unknown regions where Revan and the Exile went to find the Sith? Who knows, but even if Snoke isn’t Ezra, Snoke’s whereabouts during the GCW is something that needs to be addressed. So that’s not exactly a good argument against.

5. But for that to happen, all the other ghosts would have to die! No one wants to see that!

Um, says who? Though that would be in line with the type of things that go on in the Star Wars Universe, it doesn’t HAVE TO happen. In fact, there is another standing theory out there that Rey is Ezra and Sabine’s daughter and Lor San Tekka aka Kanan was watching over her as a sort of Obi Wan. It’s far-fetched… but it makes for good story. I agree that by the end, Kanan or Ezra would most likely need to die, if not both, but I don’t think that this is the case.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. I am as of now, 100% convinced that this is Snoke’s true identity. Please let me know your thoughts and any arguments that I missed out on, I’d be happy to address them!


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3 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Search for Snoke

  1. VIA VHS says:

    You have some valid points here. Also never thought about Lor San Tekka being Kanaan but now that Kanaan has been blinded that might rule things out. (You probably wrote this article before you knew that) I still believe that Darth Maul and Ezra are going to somehow link the story to the Knights of Ren. I think it’s evident in Empire that Vader was all for aligning with Luke and usurping the Emperor. Perhaps Vader had a side business starting the Knights of Ren and Ben Solo is out to finish what he started. The Sith rule of two is limiting (especially in story) so maybe another dark side antithesis to the Jedi was created and that’s what the Knights of Ren are. After all Kylo Ren says “I will finish what you started” talking to Vader and not the Emperor. Snoke is linked to Ezra and Maul but I’m not sure either one of them are actually Snoke but they could be, and I definitely believe we will see an earlier form of Snoke in Rebels.

    Liked by 1 person

    • StCyril says:

      True, and I did know about Kanaan, however I stand by that theory because I did see some suggestion that his eye sight may return at some point.
      Honestly though, it seems more likely that Chirrut Îmwe could be Kanan.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] Leader Snoke is none other than our Star Wars Rebels hero, Ezra Bridger. Please see my post ‘Star Wars: The Search for Snoke’ on that theory for the […]


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