Please, please, please, Rey Skywalker!!!

So after due consideration, I am flip-flopping faster than John Kerry! I no longer hope that Rey is a Palpatine. I am praying big time that she is the Skywalker we all think she is. Why?


Well it may be obvious, but it’s what really should be. The prime Star Wars stories all surround the Skywalkers, all the evidence points to her being a Skywalker… but beyond that, my reasons are very simple:

Jedi 1: Mara Jade Skywalker12985391_1107081022688440_7056443068501184153_n

Why I want her to exist: Um… because she’s badass? Former Emperor’s hand, aggressive, noble, and just a really beloved character in the Star Wars Universe. The best books in the entire series involved her. She was a sort of counterbalance to Luke and it worked really well.

Why she can’t exist if Rey isn’t a Skywalker: Well… I suppose that there’s no rule against it. Though I get the feeling that if she’s not a Skywalker, that means that Disney decided to keep with the ‘tradition’ that Jedi do not marry… and Luke is to be the last of the Skywalkers.

Any Downside?
Aside from some serious recon? Well…skywalker-kenobi-or-solo-who-is-rey-s-father-luke-at-what-appears-to-be-a-tomb-stone-780920

Yeah pretty much. If she is to be canonized, it will most likely be well after  her death. Meaning that she’ll only appear in flashbacks… if we’re lucky.

Jedi 2: Celeste Morne

… Do I even need to answer that? She is my favorite Jedi in the series. She’s incredibly badass, she has the power to transform the entire crew of a Star Destroyer into horrible monsters and she has a martyr complex. She sacrificed herself to a life of isolation in order to keep one of the most dangerous Sith lords ever imprisoned in her own mind. She existed this way for thousands of years, teetering between the light and the dark, completely alone in her struggles.

Why she can’t exist if Rey isn’t a Skywalker: The door to the KOTOR universe being canonized has already been opened with the confirmed existence of Malachor. So the potential is already there. However, in more modern times… no Rey Skywalker means no future Skywalkers… which means no Cade Skywalker. Without Cade, her story can’t come to a conclusion.

Any thoughts? Anyone else we’d like to see canonized? Let me know!


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One thought on “Please, please, please, Rey Skywalker!!!

  1. kabrown4 says:

    I’m not familiar with the canon from the expanded universe, but even I know about Mara and it would be great to see her.
    However, my thoughts though have been away from both Skywalker and Kenobi unlike the majority of the web, and I think it would be a great plot twist if Rey was descended from either Palpatine or an unknown, perhaps a Jedi Sentinel who survived Order.

    Liked by 1 person

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