Soul Siphon, Book 1 of the Vengeace Doctrine

Soul Siphon is officially released and available for purchase! Check out the adventures of this brand new team as they embark on their first journey together, fighting evil both on their own world, and throughout existence!

Book Stats:

ISBN: 978-0692608449
First Printing: April 2016
Cover Art:
Jabari Weathers
Meghan Harrington
Eric Klingenberg
Copyright © 2016, James Harrington
Illustration © 2016, Jabari Weathers
Printed and Bound in the USA

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Pages: 520
Chapters: 33
Corban McConnell (Protagonist)
Mary Jane Kelly (Protagonist)
Johnny Tremane
Vladimir Pietrov
Lihua Lin
Saint Michael
As well as a mystery character that only people who have read my other work will recognize. I’ll leave that as a surprise.

A starved child, an assassinated soviet soldier, a woman abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong, a victim of history’s most mysterious killer, and a young man who never asked to be thrown into the middle of a spiritual war.

They reside in the shadows and other dark places, waiting for those who would inflict pain and suffering on the innocent. An unlikely group, with one thing in common; death. Each with powers that reflect the way they died. Corban found himself thrust into the fray with this group of anti-heroes. Cursed with unstable powers stemming from a fatal demonic possession, Corban must unravel the mystery behind his death. As more information comes to light, Corban begins to realize that nothing in his life was what it appeared to be and the price of victory may be his own soul.

Purchase here on Amazon, or at your local book store!!!


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3 thoughts on “Soul Siphon, Book 1 of the Vengeace Doctrine

  1. @wows_Zuiho says:

    Please translate to Japanese…
    I can read English a little
    Will you have a plan to selling in Japan?


  2. wows_zuiho says:

    I’m looking forward.


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