Star Trek Axanar…

Okay, FOR THE RECORD, I don’t usually do this, however the geek in me took over.

This is one of the first fan-made professional movies out there and it promises to be really something to behold. I’d like to encourage ALL of my readers to check it out, and if it whets your interest as it did mine, please consider donating to the production! They need as much help as they can to make a movie about one of the best story arcs in Star Trek History!


And in case you are wondering, yes I myself have donated to it as well. Please see the videos below. The first one is the prelude while the second one is their pitch video. Both are expertly done!

Thanks for checking it out friends, ENJOY!!!


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Thanks friends!
Catch you on the flip side!



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  2. […] Star Trek Axanar…. […]


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