Opinion vs. Fact

So recently I’ve come across many blogs and other writings that are attempting to pass off their opinion as fact. Several different subjects have come up pertaining to politics, nutrition, etc.

In my writing, I feel it’s always important to distinguish between the two. If I’m sighting fact, I’ll give a source and say it’s a fact. If I’m giving an opinion, I’ll make sure that’s known (look back at some of my other posts). However I’ve seen too many times that people attempt to (either deliberately or unknowingly) pass off their own perceptions as fact. In books and stories, I’ve seen it as well.

Now, for the most part, if you point out that these people could be wrong, or just flat-out are, they’re happy to debate your points with their own. In many cases they either didn’t know, or were getting their info from a bad source, or didn’t mean to pass their opinion off as fact. So you’ll often get a polite thank you…

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. A growing trend these days are the graduates of ‘Google University’ who are extremely partisan in their beliefs and don’t want to hear that their facts aren’t always facts. With these people, the best advice I can give is to ask for their credentials or their source of info, if all they provide you with in return is childish insults, block you, or a long misogyny-laden string of nonsense, then move along. PLEASE. Don’t give these people attention, and they’ll go away.

To those of you who write opinion pieces or factual ones, please make sure your readers know what you’re going for. Cite sources for facts whenever you can, and make sure your sources are legit (Partisan blog postings from people who get their info from other partisan sites are NOT legitimate sources. Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN are not legitimate sources… most of the time. A simple YouTube search will prove that.)

Now take what I’m saying at face value. My blog is advice on the philosophies of writing, so there are no right or wrong answers for the most part. It’s really your own style, I’m just trying to relay the secrets of what success I’ve had in the hopes that it’ll help others. If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine, but don’t take what others tell you as fact. Do the research yourself. Check government websites, actual studies from universities, etc. It will take longer, but your facts will be less likely to be attacked and you’ll actually learn something. News agencies are usually second-hand sources.

The more people realize this and start doing the footwork themselves, the better off everyone is.


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9 thoughts on “Opinion vs. Fact

  1. Human Interest says:

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  2. aladywrites4u says:

    What is fact except someones opinion backed with what they believe to believe is enough evidence to convince them that it is true? I mean, in the big picture all facts are changeable even science does complete 180’s on a regular basis. I don’t believe in unbiased facts. I think our humanity prevents that. Having said that a few statistics and quotes from accepted experts never hurts. In the end though, I like to keep my mind open enough to hear but not so open that my brains fall out.

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  3. jennnanigans says:

    Yes! Two phrases I have learned that help me deal with the kind of people you are talking about are:

    “I agree to disagree with you.” – Maybe it’s lazy, but if neither of you are interested in the other’s opinion or changing your own then it’s an impasse and just better to move on.

    “Don’t feed the trolls.” – I learned this from posters/commenters on Scienceblogs.com. Some people literally don’t care what is being said, they just want attention or a reaction.

    Love your blog!


  4. There is not enough distinction between the two in real life, let alone literature. Great advice and keep on truckin.

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  5. tolive4u says:

    I’d rather see some sort of research or link to a source that has studied the subject when writing a factual piece. I understand research changes and is conflicting but at least you tried to find something. (see research on the healthy or non-healthy benefits of coffee) But again, whose truth is true?

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  6. ennkae says:

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