Video production Irresponsibility…

Everyone… I rarely bring politics into my posts, and hopefully this will be the only time that I feel the need to.

Recently, a somewhat misguided gun control advocate released a PSA on dealing with guns in the home. Please watch below:

Now I don’t care if people are in favor of gun rights or gun control. What makes America great is a difference of opinion, and everyone is entitled to their views, but as a parent, when I saw this, I was absolutely horrified. I spoke in a previous article of mine about the responsibility of ethical and moral portrayals in both video and written format and this is the epitome of stupidity.

First of all, what this video perpetuates… is illegal (In the USA at least). In fact, I’ll list the felonies for you that the child in this video is committing (though there may be more):
Theft of a Firearm,
Minor in Possession of a Firearm,
Illegal possession of ammo (assuming its loaded, which you always should),
Illegal Concealed Carry of a Firearm,
Taking a Firearm into a Government/School Building,
and brandishing a firearm.

In total, that’s 7 very serious felonies that would land that kid 15 years in prison, easily. Plus if the teacher takes the gun, that’s receiving stolen property, so 8 in total. When people tried to bring this to the director’s attention, she laughed at them for it.

As a parent, after viewing this, I had to sit down and figure out how we would address this with my son if he ever saw it.

Look, I’m not saying guns aren’t dangerous. I’m not saying that people who follow the law shouldn’t own one. In fact, I’m not saying anything about any issues with the 2nd Amendment, period. You’re all entitled to your own views and all power to you. What I am saying though, is that if you have children and they see this video… if you have a gun in your home, or even if you don’t, explain to them why this is wrong. Explain to them that if they see a gun to come and get you, or a police officer, or a nearby adult, but under no circumstances pick it up, put it in a backpack, and then endanger themselves or others by BRINGING IT TO SCHOOL!!! One would think that this would go without saying, but it doesn’t seem like it does.

Again, I don’t care if anyone likes firearms or not. I don’t care if you agree with the overall message of advocates on either side or not. My only concern is that someone will see this video and act on it, which is a very bad idea. So spread it around, raise awareness of anyone who should know, please, lest someone get’s hurt.

Anyway… I just wanted to give my followers a heads-up.

Thanks all, catch you on the flipside,



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