The Callindra Chronicles Chapter 3

Yet another up and coming author, The Callindra Chronicles looks pretty interesting thus far.

Benjamin Fisher-Merritt (author)

Glarian had found the Healer, purchased some boneknit root and enough basic supplies to hopefully last the winter.  He could feel something looming large on the horizon as he approached the inn and it was making him nervous.

“Strange weather eh?”  The man at the door said, looking at a cloudbank that was towering over the forest.  “Is a bit early for a storm but I ken we’re gettin un.  Yeh need a room fer th night?”

Glarian looked back at the hand cart he was pulling; he knew that he wouldn’t be able to drag it through any amount of snow.  He shook his head, “I’d best be heading back.  If I get caught out in the snow I’ll never make it home.  I do need a cask of wine and a jug though, something to keep me warm during those cold winter nights.”

“Wha yeh need’s a woman…

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One thought on “The Callindra Chronicles Chapter 3

  1. thebenraven says:

    Hey thanks! Hope you continue to enjoy as I keep writing.


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