Magnifica’s Characters

So I thought I’d give you all a chance to become familiar with the characters in the story for those of you who have not yet had a chance to pick it up.

Tobias Arrigan: Toby is your run of the mill overachiever. He currently attends a small private college with dreams of becoming a doctor some day, specializing in inter-species genetics. He was orphaned at a young age and sent to live with his paternal uncle. Even as a child, he knew that he was unique, but he could never figure out why.

Gishan Nemog: Toby’s best friend in the world. This young dwarf grew up with Toby in Natick, Massachusetts before Toby’s uncle moved to Brookline. Like many dwarves, he has a devil may care personality, which is reflected by his appearance. He puts on a tough front and doesn’t let things bother him, however he is extremely protective of his family, which includes Toby, whom he has all but adopted as his brother.

Tom: A somewhat timid boy around Toby’s age. He has very strong opinions, but is too often satisfied with letting others speak for him.

Michael: An arrogant young man from an extremely well to do family. His attitude is nothing short of smug superiority. He does not like elves at all and does not believe that they should be going to school at human institutions, given his own dark past.

Lia’na of the White Water Clan: One of the few female members of her clan. This beautiful young elf is extremely headstrong, and determined to do things her own way. She openly defied her clan’s elder and left the Elven reservation to attend school. She is very mysterious with a past shrouded in darkness.

Professor Arias: He looks like father time and has the attitude to match, according to his students. This man is an expert at history. Things are how he says and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, period. Toby and Gishan have been known to annoy him on an almost continuous basis.

Auro: A few years Lia’na’s elder, he looks at her like a little sister. He was denied the right to ever take a mate of his own, and chose a life of celibacy over exile. He took up the sword as a sentry to protect the White Water Clan.

Masarabi: The White Water Clan elder. Extremely opinionated, pompous, and arrogant to a fault, she has runs her clan her way and doesn’t respond well to disobedience. She prefers subtle responses to challenges as opposed to outright commentary.

Aritem: A member of the Northern Clan and a descendant from aristocracy. His family is still extremely powerful and he is convinced of his own superiority. Many speculate that he would respond violently to being challenged, especially by a non-elf.

Giselle de la Fuente: Little is known about her. She showed up on campus and quickly befriended Gishan. All anyone knows about her is that she and her family have a troubled past and no longer speak.

Alistair: A mysterious man, over 15,000 years old. The FBI has been investigating him for years, attempting to piece together a case of identity fraud that surrounds him. He is extremely wealthy and powerful… and he holds many of the answers to Toby’s past, though Toby may not want to know the truth.


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